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Fashion: youth culture and cult of youth, a teaspoon of faux punk and DIY appeal done by somebody else. Young is to some magazines what glamour is to Vogue and in both cases hearts often fail to find a balance between geniune and gimmicky. And pretty ironical is how youth is so much of an obsession while so few young creatives get a real chance. Models are young, yeah, sometimes too green and we'd love them older, while photographers tend to get old while the younger ones are either starving shooting test images in their parody of living room or shooting shit to please and survive. That's it: everyone seems to want to stay young (but not wild and free) and no one wants those who really are to emerge. Two options left: laugh loudly or talk about anything different. We woke up today picking the second.




Not in the mood to chew thoughts on facts we all know and don't care, not in tune with the common winds blowing these days but undecided whether it's better to resist and fight against them or just sail away to sweeter shores. The pictures are from Interview and feature Agnes Sokolowska by Stas Komarovski. It's not related to what was said on paragraph one and that's why we think both are relevant together. Because our message if there is any left alive isn't about how right or wrong one approach can be. Perhaps it would be there is no worthy approach or point of view, perhaps we just wanna claim we dislike the smell of powder and gunsmoke – in for a thrill but steering clear of any kind of fight. The weather's way too warm to waste our time on topics such as nepotism, merit or the perverted perception of perfection (youth and co.). Dare to care to disagree it's much more exciting to get excited by sweet sweat and go bonkers for a bunch of bikinis while remembering rushing to the laundry is on top of your to-do-list for next week.

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