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Droplets of Perfection


We are always bloody subjective when we open our eyes and grab the pen, you know we are, and from the bottom of our subjective hearts, we may have to send thanks or chocolates to Dazed & Confused for the moment of perfection. We may have to praise Viviane Sassen's work again too for revealing Yasmin Wijnaldum's full power to our eyes. And, while many of Wijnaldum's previous photographs ticked all the boxes to be called still lives, this cover and edit combo is full of emotion and captivating, not just for the brilliant use of bright colors (Robbie Spencer's styling).





There are models you'd call explosive, you'd rename Fireworks on their setcard, and others who may just deserve the title of quiet storm. Looking at most pictures of Natasha Poly, you can just imagine her enter the room, strike a pose then – bam – every eye gets blown away by the high energy oozing from her, from head to toe. Body language does a lot and some girls are rather chatty when they let their long limbs talk to the camera. At the other end of the rainbow stand those who express with their eyes, create the mood from their pouty lips, nothing moves except your heart when you get caught because you just can't escape. You get hit and kicked and feel so thankful for the honeytrap. Yasmin's face is one you can't really run away from, the contrasts of colors, darkness meets pastel, the beauty of its lines and shapes is all you wanna treasure in your memories (and in your collection of magazines). But would you expect to be moved that way by her work thinking she's only standing in the middle of the image, standing straight and maybe stiff, not even trying to give a slight smile to the cam, not even ready to lift a lid. Still everything happens and by everything we mean every little possible thing while staring at a mag's cover or editorial.

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