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Loving tender and smiling true unlike the baby sucking his very first lemon slice

img-katie-moore-x-shan-huq_18194114585 HANS NEUMANN

We love Interview's short stories, maybe more than its main ones lately despite the high quality of those. Agnes Sokolowska's laundrette pictures were our highlights and delights some weeks ago, a twisted swimsuit series bringing to the table a new view on sweet summer sweatdrops. We may just praise this bedtime tale with the same might, on a day that calls for closed shutters at this time of the year everyone is warmly waiting for the night to fall or the storm to wash away their sunny gloom.



img-katie-moore_182034373079 TALLULAH HARLECH


Yap, the fact it stars Katie Moore does a lot too but the bright-haired lil'miss does have more than these five photographs going on at the moment and if it was just a matter of prestige and giving her more exposure, we could have gone for some other stuff instead. But you have to count on other ingredients here, besides Moore's performance: Hans Neumann holding the camera (while Tallulah Harlech took care of the clothes or the smart lack of garments in some cases), a motel room, the pale pink blanket and tender lighting of that very same motel room. Loving this and smiling true, and having nothing more to add might be the best about it.

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