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Fashion Does It Better (than politics)


Tina Veshaguri for L'Officiel Manila. We love her for ages and her new look perfectly meets the way she moves.


Indiah Lavers – she's got a card, we hope for some lovely debuts in New York City this fall. And we wish we were able to do this intro in a happier mood.

Numero China July - 011

Had a special meal for breakfast today: an article on Trump Models, and that wasn't a few enraptured lines to say how much the author was electrified by Katie Moore's newest digitals (as we are) or how mesmerizing are Tina Veshaguri's poses and gazes (as we are too, above from Numéro China). That was about Donald and his eponymous agency, as if we weren't already drowning in a sea of written pieces on him, his so-called ideas, his personality, his past, present and potential future. Let's put it simple, we see him as an obnoxious mogul gone dangerous politician and have zero love for who he is, what he represents and what he says he's gonna do (by the way, we're no supporters of Mrs Clinton either, being a woman doesn't mean being progressive by any mean – see our homebred Mrs Le Pen in France). But trying to shoot silver bullets at Trump's modeling agency a few days before a new season starts isn't necessarily necessary. We didn't know some magazines wanted to be a fashion equivalent to tabloids, shame as we do love many of their editorials. And our question is: who do they wanna hurt? Trump himself couldn't care less, but the hopeful models and hardworking agents? Are the practices described in the article the prerogative of Trump's agency, an isolated case and everyone else is vertuous? If you want to read it, go google it, we do not link to low-level foamy stuff here.

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