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anique joszi

While currently finalizing the third (and last?) part of our Model Talking series, we took a little break (that is no real break) to drop a note on Anique Jozsi, Alexander Wang's opener at his latest show. She remained the mystery-girl during all New York fashion week or almost with that mysterious scent floating in the international air from her gorgeous face and name to her unusual beauty type (her mother agency A Models Amsterdam's specialty – remember Dilia last season). And we must say we would not be against facing an unknown one more often, the kind that's hard to find information about, at times when social media craze leaves almost no room for hidden jewels to appear on stage. Everybody knows about everyone else and you know everything on a model's favorite meal or pet before she gets her first 'real' editorial or runway appearance. You may already know we're not Instagram's best friends and may have noticed we're currently not able to update our Facebook page due to some nipple drama (while hatred is allowed there, female breasts aren't – is that a world we wanna live in, raise your question marks). You may guess we love the ones coming out of the blue for the win.

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