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It's been a few months we have this idea in mind: writing down all the good things we think and have to say about Nika Cole, and the moment seems better than ever so, we're glad to take it slow. Redheads have always had their golden spot on FDIB but it takes a little more than just ginger or copper locks and an army of freckles to deserve a full article. Walking most of our favorite shows of the season could be a good reason, though. A regular at Gucci (including last week's show, recent resort and even menswear), and some brilliant appearances at Dries van Noten and Rick Owens is basically everything we can dream of: being a part of some of the best castings have always meant more to us than piling up big names or booking the most coveted exclusive. We keep our fingers crossed for some editorial stuff soon, she also looks so mermaidly neat when she photographs.

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