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There is still Blood in the Heart of our Beast


Many times we thought we should put FDIB to rest, for good, but we guess it's not that easy to kill the beast. But when suddenly the urge to write hits hard at night, it's tough to avoid this moment all the wild ideas turn into a proper story, almost effortlessly. Had to experience this very moment again last evening, didn't see it come yet didn't stop it once the machine was launched. Full steam thank to Vogue Ukraine's latest cover and main editorial.




So, here we go again, here we stand again, our fingers dancing on the keyboard, electrified by the photographs of Anna Cleveland. Must say that our daily visit on a famous forum also helped getting back on tracks (and back on tricks). While Vogue Ukraine usually receives its bunch of praises, this issue only got tedious to bad reviews so far. Because it's Cleveland and not a random newbie or because it's not Vogue Italia enough, because people want something more predictable while complaining things are always the same, perhaps. Because people like to criticize for free rather than spread their love and make the latter viral and incurable. We've read enough negative comments on too many subjects lately and we do not see any single reason not to worship these new images by Yelena Yemchuk, eighties or not, déjà vu or not. There's not always a need for criticism, not always the mood for a deep analysis of a magazine's identity (guess we'll have enough time to cuddle this topic later this upcoming spring). There are days you just wanna enjoy what you see and scream your love on every rooftop. It's subjective as it seems and it sounds so good this way.

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