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Hello Nathan, nice to meet you !


nathan 5


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nathan 2
by Collier Schorr, styled by Carlos Nazario

I would never have thought about starting blogging. Yes, starting blogging, since Penelope did the whole job,  I may have published less than 20 posts here. Lazy me.
Most recent covers, editorials bore me to death. A copy of a copy of a copy on the one hand, or experiments that fall flat on the other hand. Part of, but too much of it.
Everyone knows.

I used to post images on tumblr, cause yes I still like some of the recent photographer's and co work yet they don't allow nudity anymore.
I dislike this hypocritical censorship.
So thank you tumblr, good bye.
Hello Fashion does it better, long time no see my friend, seriously thinking about a new life for you. Just you and me this time.
I love HQ pictures in your face, sorry insta, I love writing, (actually writing a novel),  and suddenly feel utterly interested in writing on fashion. It may even help me for my book as I find inspiration everywhere, even in exchanges of private messages and sms'.

So I heard about Nathan. No pictures, just info I got from a call.
I couldn't believe it, and for some reasons I didn't want to see pictures. I delightly imagined the new look. The new do especially. Still red, square with the line on the right side and smooth straight hair. I loved the vision. Looked very chic, very edgy.
Of course I was too curious to wait any longer to see.
Curly hair.
At first sight I was disappointed that my vision didn't match with what I saw on pictures.
Curly hair.
Looks quite angelic. Nothing edgy, no chic addition.
He actually stayed truth to what she used to look like. An angel. Hype? No, and actually, thank you. A very good point, definetely.
He only, just only doesn't hide anymore what she used to feel deep indide. . Kudos, Nathan, very nice to meet you.

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