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AnOther bottle of Chablis








cr1by Craig McDean, styled by Katie Shillingford for AnOther

Elegance and truth, no uneeded extravagance, various, pretty and effective styles and stylings that perfectly suits each model.
Diversity adding life to the cast,various horizons, different dreams.
This is kind of what I wish to see on the streets. This idea. This way to dress. A suitable way to dress. Look at the last picture, it's just phenomenal.
Elegance doesn't rhyme with chic or BCBG (Bon chic bon genre), you can be Grunge, Punk, Gothic or whatever, elegance is beyond, it's definetely conveyed by the way you adjust your own style. Truth is obviously an ingredient of elegance, elegance needs truth to shine bright. Truth to yourself.
This is the major issue with being fashionable. I mean mainstream fashion, at least. Girls look like each others and you don't see any personnality in their looks.That's kind of what I blame in fashion.
There is definetely no truth when you follow a trend and change every season. When I hear Oh great, it's fashionable, I take it, I always wonder why they just don't say, Oh great, I really love it.
Of course, finding your own style isn't easy, takes time, but everything can be an inspiration. That's what I learned, with time. Not only clothes seen here and there but also paintings, music, novels etc. Building bridges between different fields. Connections. Mixes. Elegance. Style. I get lost in an ocean of desires. Ready to dream again.


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