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Black Ayak Magic

Ayak Veronica @ Marilyn NY / Paris, d'Management, Joram Management   Ayak. Last summer love at first sight. First eye contact, sold out. Full lenght came, legs for days as they say, no more uneeded words to say. Vogue Ukraine, shot by Annette Apel and styled by Ray Tetauira. Quite simple, effective, Ajak definetely can play with any items, naturally. A promising issue ( july 2019 ), Shanelle Nyasiase by Nadine Ijewer on a delightful cover, luxury slightly more adventurous and out of the ordinary. Not my... [Lire la suite]
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AnOther bottle of Chablis

by Craig McDean, styled by Katie Shillingford for AnOther Elegance and truth, no uneeded extravagance, various, pretty and effective styles and stylings that perfectly suits each model. Diversity adding life to the cast,various horizons, different dreams. This is kind of what I wish to see on the streets. This idea. This way to dress. A suitable way to dress. Look at the last picture, it's just phenomenal.Elegance doesn't rhyme with chic or BCBG (Bon chic bon genre), you can be Grunge, Punk, Gothic or whatever, elegance... [Lire la suite]