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Dasha Malygina @ Uno (Barcelona) A singer in a smoky room, smelling wine and cheap perfume... There's no real reason to that but Dasha always reminds us of some lyrics, various lyrics. Soundtacks and movie scenes. From Le plus beau du quartier to the streetlight people stories in Don't stop believing, performed by Journey. Malygina is like the unfinished melody of the fashion world. Easy come, easy go. From Mixte to Miu Miu then back in Amica. From Vogue Russia to Leroy then... who knows. Is there a suitable ending ? Maybe not.... [Lire la suite]
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New shore

Lakshmi Menon @ Nathalie, Natalia Siodmak @ Next and Lee Hyun @ Major We've already featured the "Ones" from this editorial as well as Anastasia Kuznetsova's part. We thought the whole story was much interesting and the casting simply perfect. With the f/w 08-09 stunner Lee Hyun, the very busy Natalia Siodmak (she rocked Jalouse and much, much more) and the still too rare and so precious Lakshmi Menon. Obviously one of the most exciting multi-girls editorial this months. But beware, Mixte should be out today and we... [Lire la suite]
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The Ones in L'Officiel

Anna Kuchkina @ One (NY) Claudia Seiler @ One (NY) Alex Sandor @ One (NY) Just after launching their wonderful new website, three "Ones" are taking L'Officiel by storm in a gorgeous editorial called "Nouvelle Vague" and shot by Jon Compson. We love our doll Anna, the stunning and captivating Claudia and are just smitten by Alex Sandor as a bunny. More to come from this editorial later. But today.
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Press review !

      Sasha @ Angels Models (Paris) Fresh news and fresh news again, and late releases as well. At least something to check out in the bookstores today. New french magazines of course plus Velvet (love this issue), Marie-Claire (Spanish, UK and US), Elle Italia. The latter has some nice features yet we won't consider them as really enough for a mag like this which has already had some much better issues. Count Irina Zender in this one. And Alison Nix in her ad campaign for Shiseido. Kate Netolicka has an editorial in... [Lire la suite]
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Bara, barefoot

Bara Holotova @ Models Only (Czech Republic), IMG (Paris), IMG (Milan), Union Models (London) We love her raw on her polas, we love her with raw styling too. Bara is just the perfect girl to model this editorial. And there's no better way to picture her than with these lonely trousers and impersonal sunglasses. With that deliciously scruffy hair and the impression the glasses were just made for her jawline like the hole is made to match some denim's perfection (and bring it beyond). Denatured perfection goes beyond perfection and... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

Exciting news from the bookstores. New Please, new Amica and new L'Officiel Paris. All were extra, all full of thrilling faces. Starting with the cover-girl on Please, Georgia Steed. We always love a redhead cover, like this issue of french Playboy featuring Anna Arendshorst or the latest Vogue Paris... Julianne Moore looks awesome, the styling is wonderful, the kind of issue - or at least cover, haven't been really thrilled by the contents so far - of Vogue Paris. Please is just one of the most refreshing magazines available here.... [Lire la suite]
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The Orphanage

 Megan McNierney @ Marilyn (NY) We love our latest issue of Double. And we love it for this marvelous editorial featuring Megan McNierney. Actually we love Megan. Love the sweetness, the shyness. The freckles. She's not eye-catching, she's not the one who will immediately stand out. She stands out by her editorial work, her personal way to play with this soft beauty that sometimes makes other models look too plain. This soft beauty without even being a tad impish neither looking like a porcelain doll. A bit child-like... [Lire la suite]
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Strike a pause and see how she poses

Sigita Nedvecka @ 2morrow Models (Milan) We said that Mixte brought back the magazine magic last week with a couple of dazzling editorials which includes one with the striking Sigita. Starting her career among the impressive board at 2morrow Models, she recently reached another step signing with Ford NY and FM Agency in London. Mixte has often been one of our favorite magazine as it was well known to launch a few new faces or models on the rise. Remember Serafima Vakulenko, Eva Helene Skarvig or Simona McIntyre were all gracing... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

Let's bring back the magazine magic. Could be the title of this review. Something magical among the latest issues of many magazines. We've been less thrilled by many of them recently and it's so good to see them back on tracks in a nice way. Mixte, Muteen, various Vogue editions or some new, intriguing publications. Mixte is probably the most exciting one this month. The cover is delightful, Rachel Clark fits perfectly the atmosphere. Like the role was written for her. The contents are simply following this promising overview in... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

It's been quite a long time we haven't done any press review here. Was it the lack of magazines ? The lack of models in the magazines ? The lack of new faces among the magazines ? A bit of everything actually, even if the whole situation wasn't that bad. Good magazines weren't that hard to find yet none of them was exactly exciting. A couple of nice finds in Paris including Amelia's Magazine (tons of great editorials, superb castings and the next issue sounds maybe even more promising !), positive news from London bookstores (new... [Lire la suite]
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