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Urban Dreams

  Ali Carr, Lauren Brown, Lia Serge, Emily Wake and Lisanne De Jong @ Elite (NY) Alley Cats or Cats' Alley? Hard to know how the actual title of this editorial from newest Dazed & Confused sounds better. Or more appropriate. What is the most important detail: how these girls melt into the beautiful rainy urban landscape or how their presence turns a familiar-looking place into some unknown wonderland. The real magic might be in between, in the interaction between the characters and the atmosphere they evolve in. In... [Lire la suite]

Hundred Percent

  Freja Beha Erichsen @ IMG (Paris) Not going to give detailed explanations on why there haven't been more updates these last seven days so let's just say Summer and being busy doesn't help releasing creativity when it comes to writing long articles. Also agencies are either already on holidays or looking forward to close their doors for a small vacation (the remaining ones are working hard and we're always here to work hand in hand with any of them). So, it's not going to be a brand new face arriving out of nowhere who... [Lire la suite]
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Are You Mad Enough

Patricia Van der Vliet @ New York Models (NY) There are days we miss our eighties, our childhood or what we think it looked like back then. When it wasn't that odd to be dressed like a bubble gum and when discount stores all had creepy names. The need to escape, you know. The emergency that would normally push you to run but sticks your feet on the ground. Can't move, not even wink. Working in a dark room because the sun shines too bright and summer is already getting on our nerves. Don't know if we want september to knock at our... [Lire la suite]
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Pixies and Pumpkins

            Amanda Norgaard @ Viva (Paris), Supreme (NY) It's rocking and whirling in the land of pixies and pumpkins when Amanda Norgaard gets involved in the storyboard. In a short series dedicated to movies, especially those inspired by fairytales, the delicate Dane plays one role after the other and embodies each character with the same power, bringing them all back to life. We had no trouble to imagine her as the Little Mermaid (and it's actually the only story which inspired two pages in a row),... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Marike by Beau Grealy

Marike Le Roux @ Wilhelmina (NY) Long time we haven't officially bookmarked any blog piece on FDIB but truth is we rely a lot more on our second page, J'avoue J'aime for this kind of entries (faster and right to the point). But this occasion seemed made for FDIB as both Marike Le Roux and Beau Grealy were already featured here and when one of our favorite model works with one of our favorite photographer, it's tough not to mention it here. The story comes from Italian Flair, May 2010 issue and was spotted on Wilhelmina's blog... [Lire la suite]
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Grey Day

Constance Jablonski @ Marilyn (NY) Grey Day would be the ultimate title for a post right now for several, even if we weren't writing on Grey Magazine right now. Grey sky, stormy weather, grey lights in the office and even the music sounds grey etc. Could be just a trick to talk about something else, going slightly away from the topic but it's just the heart of the topic. Grey Magazine with its grey cover on a grey day, could it make any more sense ? Let's stick to it and dig deeper. Grey is not the kind of magazine you put on a pile... [Lire la suite]
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Feel the Power

    Kylie Bax @ Women (NY) "She is timeless & fearless. Kylie will do anything for a great picture." Timeless and fearless aren't exactly the two words we'd put together very easily, as often fearless relates to fast and what comes fast has big chances to go fast, but the description suits Kylie Bax as perfectly as her outfits in Steven Klein's most recent story in Vogue Italia (May 2010). We've never been afraid of apparent contradictions and even love some paradoxes for what they represent, we're not going... [Lire la suite]
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Werk It!

        Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Unlike others who start as a storm on worldwide runways, Anne Sophie Monrad started her career with an editorial strength many catwalk queens would go green to have and that some of them will never ever reach even after seasons. Editorial girl ? The new way to go ? We don't want to make any clear statement on what's right or wrong today for a model starting an international career but one sure thing is we do love the way Anne Sophie did it so far. Editorial galore... [Lire la suite]

The Third Girl

      Siri Crafoord @ Joy (Milan) Just the way we said yesterday, it shouldn't take too much time before Joy updates us on the third girl in Amica's casting. If you took a close look at the previous set of pictures, you might have noticed the name Siri is mentioned on some pages so here comes Siri. But neither Siri Tollerod (also with Joy) nor Siri Laude (with Modelwerk). Siri Crafoord, from Mikas in Stockholm and signed with Viva as well. Meet the third girl, who deserved her spot here and much as her two co-stars of... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Anouk Morgan for OZON Magazine

Ozon did it again, Anouk did it again and we couldn't not do a feature on that fabulous collaboration. Two creative visions totally matching, mixing and melting into one visual thrill. If we needed a kick to start on a Saturday morning, we definitely got it. The contrast between the neat aesthetic of the story and the spooky mood of the models creates a strange, delightful atmosphere that makes us forget FDIB became our daily work and brings back the free-wheel excitement of the early beginnings. Even if it hasn't disappeared... [Lire la suite]