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Meet Anya !

Anya Fokina @ Avant (Russia) Leaving the heat of Argentina for the heart of Russia (then leaving the offices, it's midnight), meet Anya with her copper hair with auburn shades. A special redhead from Avant Models. Anya has this very precious, peculiar, uncanny look that makes melancholic eyes look über cool with a unique ability to switch from serious  to epic, from flawless to fancy. Like silent water suddenly going wild, like the quiet weather before the storm.  Anya is not only eye-catching and full of poetry, she's... [Lire la suite]
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JFK and back

Stephanie Rad @ Storm (London) We had the six ones above waiting somewhere inside our computer, somewhere we weren't thinking of these days. Waiting for a better day and this better day is a night. Tonight. Stephanie Rad, the girl who works out giant wellies as easily as others run around in flipflops. She was the surprise-girl who even surprised the good eyes. The ones who know as much as the one who see and even the ones who see across the walls. The girl who could beat any fortuneteller at the game of "who's your... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Paula !

  Paula @ Izaio (Berlin) Our trip in Berlin was full of great surprises, one of them was our visit at Iziao's offices. Was on the second day, was sunny windy and some bottles of beer were flying at the underground station. Atmosphere. We quickly found the door and went up to the offices, a modern place for a lovely boutique agency. We've had the opportunity to talk about new faces and started discussing who we could feature. Our first choice was Paula, 16 and 6'0 (182). She's got strong features balanced by a slightly... [Lire la suite]
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The Viva-DNA Crossover Team

Queeny Van Der Zande @ Viva (Paris)Kelli Lumi @ DNA (NY) Nadia Serlidou @ Viva (Paris) Skye Stracke @ DNA (NY), Viva (Paris) Viva and DNA. Paris and NY. The two agencies are well-know for some successful models they share and we could drop a few names here. They would ring a bell, both as icons from glorious past eras or as today's most sought-after faces. What about tomorrow ? Who are the iconic girls from Viva, from DNA or from Viva and DNA together ? We could also tell about Elise Helene, our favorite redhead of the moment... [Lire la suite]
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Do you wanna

Weronika @ Select (London) Weronika is one of the stunners on Select's Verve board. She's Polish, she's 5'9 and she's just arrived in town so it's all perfect on a perfect tuesday looking like a monday with all the good energy streaming around. With quite an uncanny ability to manage these twinkly faces, full of expression and suitable for summer sessions. From New Age Models in Warsaw to the early days of June in London, Weronika with W as in wonderful is getting ready to spice up her roster. Photographers might be in a... [Lire la suite]
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Poli is new

Poli @ Nagorny Models (Belarus) Our favorite mixture: when a model has both a super-cute, super-fresh face and and endlessly leggy silhouette. Poli's cuteness and fresh face are obvious on the first picture but once you learn she's also 5'11 (180 86-59-89) your crush quickly turns into high expectations. Perfect mixture, right ? Right. Poli comes from Belarus and is another magical find of Sergey Nagorny's agency, she's 16 and might (will) have a bright future. Take your slice of brightness today.
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Meet Isabel !

Isabel @ Ragazza Model Management (The Netherlands) After enjoying some delightful shadows with Olivia's melancholic appeal yesterday, it's time to step out of the dark and enjoy the sun. Sporty blonde from The Netherlands, Isabel is also one of the most interesting new faces at boutique agency Ragazza Model Management. Immediately noticed by Joy Models in Milan, she should fly there not later than tomorrow. She's not only very fresh-looking and 5'10 (178 84-61-87), she's also a very talented chameleon, passionate about... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Olivia !

Olivia @ SPP (Poland) Not the easy-looking classic beauty but there is still something classic, timeless and obviously classy about Olivia. She's not a girl for every agency, she's the one for selective eyes. She's the epitome of beauty going out of the beaten tracks and we're always pleased to have opportunities to challenge the aesthetic boundaries. So, Olivia is one of the new faces at SPP Models in Wroclaw, Poland and apart from her unique face, she's got regular model measurements: 177 83-60-91 (5'9"5). That slightly... [Lire la suite]
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Casting at Next: Another way to swim

Kayla Travers, Thea Stratton and Molly Gunn @ Next (Milan) No sand, no sea, no suntan. Another way to swim. Without suntanned skin and wet swimsuits, without these perennial summer nights atmosphere and summertime clichés. Another summer. In black and white, in a studio with a white background. Only the glossy hairdos and chequered shirts add a fancy note to the whole story. The rest is moody like our own summers. First days of full sun, first days of full heat; first days you can't even sleep correctly because the bedroom is... [Lire la suite]
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Natasha loves chlorophyl tops

Natasha Gumieniuk @ ML Studio (Poland) Summer mood and green tank top. And the same pretty face as on the day we discovered her. Here comes Natasha Gumieniuk again and her 5'11 silhouette (180 83-63-89), unique expressive face, impish gaze  etc. Natasha the way we love her look: forever fresh and ready to surprise us. A few more weeks and she'll be ready to travel so these new polaroids shot yesterday are arriving just time. Our favorite girl from ML Studio be working on a book this summer to be ready for next fall. Makes... [Lire la suite]
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