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Meet Edla !

Edla Zager @ Monica Monteiro (Brazil) There is always a strange atmosphere when Vogue Italia is released. New issue is out today. No surprise but big surprise, uncertain feelings and co. about Sasha Pivovarova being the cover-girl and the main character of the main editorial. Our world is going through a surreal motion but the results is very classic. One beautiful picture and the others are already forgotten. Give us more surreal. Give us more mood. Please.We found our beloved touch of surrealism in Edla Zager's first tests... [Lire la suite]
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A Treasure called Sara

Sara Coma @ Uno (Barcelona) It's one of the best moments in a career. When nothing is done. It also means the future is all about hard work but it's surrounded by good energy. When all we've seen is a few polaroids, a name and four numbers written on a white sheet. White sheet as the white page of the model's story. When everything has to be written. Today we're writing the first chapter of Sara's story. Latest newcomer at Uno, Barcelona. Latest beauty who caught our eyes and attention. 5'9 young lady with quite a natural... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Alena !

Alena Kozlova @ Lilas Models (Russia) Alena is 5'9"5 (177 83-60-90) and brand new, from the group of girls who impressed us at Lilas Models in Moscow. She's maybe the one who impressed us the most or at least would hit our top-two of the agency's new faces. Fresh yet slightly melancholic, cute yet obviously serious, we were mostly captivated by her deep expressions on every picture. We were stunned by how professional she seems and how untouched she looks. Maybe the secret is behind these eyes, neither really brown nor... [Lire la suite]
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We love it, we love her too

Raquel Nave @ Just WM (Paris) For a lot of people, american beauty is strongly related to some sleek and sporty look. Something glossy and glamour with ultra-bright smiles and so on. For us, american beauty always seemed to have the smell of road movies. Something raw and rough, all about gorgeous loneliness and unexpected connections. Endless landscapes, streetlights, noisy cars in the middle of nowhere. It's all about borrowing a towel in a restaurant and getting the cheapest beer. American beauty is twilight-flavored. We could... [Lire la suite]
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Just an Isabella who wanna have fun

Isabella Oelz @ One (NY) Once, twice and we do it again. Thrice. Three times Isabella in three weeks. We told you about the third part and here it is. Isabella having fun. Expressive, crazy, thoughtful, playful. Expressive and expressing. Pulling out the power and potential then pulling it together again. Like a dance, like a melody. It's strong and subtle at the same time. It's sweet too. It's colorful in black and white. We're almost sure there will be a fourth part. Why not a fifth part. Who knows. There is always much to tell and... [Lire la suite]
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Precious pressure

Jana @ IMG (NY) Two newcomers in New York. Jana is currently in town with IMG and photographer Maxim Repin who shot the two tests on second row. A breeze of fresh air is blowing all over the city with new faces apearing a bit everywhere, new vibes, new waves. New inspiration brought by the new crop, creative energy is back. There's no need for gleaming glory today but everyone gets blinded by its lights at the moment. While the young and fresh glows should get more attention. It's an everyday fight and it's even less  easy as... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Vanusa !

Vanusa Savaris @ Nass Models (Brazil) It's always better when there is an extra touch of passion and enthusiasm from an agent about one of his latest finds. It's what happened to Vanusa who just started her career in February. From a small (but really, really small) village in Brazil to an international career set to begin next season, our 5'10 brunette (with gorgeous and highly expressive brown eyes) has already gathered a wide range of pictures in her portfolio since she signed with Nass Models. She seems never too far and... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Bruna !

Bruna Dadalt @ Joy (Brazil) It's almost Sunday evening and we're already looking forward to Monday morning. Let's do as if we were Monday morning and introduce Bruna from Joy Models in Sao Paulo, it will guarantee her a good spot when people wake up and check out tomorrow. Bruna is Brazilian and... is amazing. Amazing in a very brazilian way which could mean a unique face going hand in hand with outstanding legs. The brazilian formula, making miracles and never fading away. We heard that Bruna looks like a young Gisele and even... [Lire la suite]
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A Future Face for today

Juicy @ Future Faces (The Netherlands) It takes a little time to find the right moment and the right words to introduce a model. When we saw Juicy for the first time she just had a couple of tests and maybe a handful of snapshots. Potential was high, obvious and obviously high but a little more material never hurts and even helps to create a strong image in people's mind. Because the goal right now is clear: keep Juicy in mind! She's 16 and almost 5'9 (175). And is a redhead - it always counts here. So, the opportunity went with... [Lire la suite]
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Modern Style and Old School

Julia Oliv @ Women (Paris), Women (Milan), Women Direct (NY) It's the end of Mixte magazine. At least we've heard something like that, haven't been able to believe it so far. Will try to, this weekend. If we can. Such a big loss. It was maybe our favorite french magazine. If not the one. Now people say there is nothing left except Vogue and Numéro. Really ? Vogue and Numéro provided us with some great glossy moments but we can't say they are the ones that make our hearts beat faster. There is L'Officiel Paris. People say... [Lire la suite]
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