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My Lady Zeroin

  Sailing on a sea of wine, on the back of a dead pigeon we believed to be a white swan, then we landed on another Switzerland that wasn't swiss for a penny. And Katie Grand backstabbed us again, all we were bleeding was words and drunken delights. Anna Cleveland, leopard prints, nipples and craze from hair to painted toes, painted with pain and pride. Hens and trashcans, total paradise, lost in heavy heaven, somewhere up south. Life under legal substances like pricy food and cheap alcohol makes miracles when your eyes... [Lire la suite]
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Diavola Ice-Cream

We took another slice, slept away, took another slice, another train, arrived on lemon grass, in a godforsaken station wishing we were in Paris, to suck all the glitz and glam of a part of the world, but no. High on the sidewalk, high on whatever powder, whatever hay, whatever liquid, we seriously didn't know and never will. Plastic bags are the sexiest thing on earth and we'll never know the taste of it, if you caress it, you may rest in peace, with chance. We are megakult, we drive too fast, we passed the lights, red or green,... [Lire la suite]
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Eating mice while the boat is sinking

What about rats, more protein, too much protein, makes a big maybe but maybe sounds as lovely as tomorrow morning, if you have the good idea to keep the window blind. The boat is sinking for sure, captain went for lunch, the Kaiser is watching a bunch of sailors dance, with a kinky eye. Everybody is pissing in his violin, these days, everybody is puking in the ocean and it fueled our lust to throw smokey flowers at Katie Grant's piece of shit, well, of glossy paper, glossies are such a shitty ordeal for the eyes nowadays but some... [Lire la suite]
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Red-Letter Afternoon

It's like one week to countdown, one week left and goodbye. Well, who knows where it goes and where we will land and after all, uncertain times have their own charms. So, before to say a final thank you to all the ones who took their time to listen to our rhyme, a last piece to add to a section that has been a historical part of FDIB's story: the readhead posts. Back to our beginnings, our first steps in fashion, to Lily Cole's heyday. Back to these quirky times when Stam was walking down the runway with bold copper hair (you might... [Lire la suite]
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Memories and Foresights

Brooklyn, November 2010. Saturday afternoon, on the way to Chadwick Tyler's place. Some CK underwear lost on the sidewalk. If we were in touch with him since the very beginning of FDIB, that was the first opportunity to meet him in person, where he works. This didn't turn into an interview, did it already in the past and many others did it too (even recent interviews of him seem countless these days) but had time to talk, drink... tap water on the photographer's sofa. Time went fast that afternoon and had to postpone the next... [Lire la suite]
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One Month To Countdown

Polina Ponomareva @ VG Models (Russia) Alevtina Zyablitskaya @ VG Models (Russia) One month or even one month minus one day. June will be the last drop, the last step. Certainly no climax but a good month to post some extras or retrospective reviews, to plan some last collaborations with agencies we had a good time working with and hope we will have enough opportunities time wise to drop a note on everyone falling into this category. Thinking of all the ways to make these last plans happen but have to manage future projects first so... [Lire la suite]
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Veni Vidi Vici

Tune your eyes and ears for one of the last times as we did while working on this piece. Who are the "faces of five years of FDIB" was the main question behind our idea to (re-)feature a final time these models who regularly appeared on this page from their first steps in this business till end of our project. We don't pretend we took part in anything in their careers but were our wildcards from the starts, models we were probably among the only ones (besides their agents of course) to believe in their future and who proved us the... [Lire la suite]

Slow Motion Towards The Exit

Elisa @ ICE² (Milan) We might be the last two romantic minds in this business or the only ones we know right now using their keyboard to discuss such issues. Tired of reading about "potential" all the time. Potential, what does it mean exactly? Why so much overconfidence and a total lack of confidence mixed in the same word, the same judgement, why does this word sound like the promise nothing will ever happen? New faces with potential have been appearing in front of us, sometimes even walking next to us and then went away without... [Lire la suite]
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The End.

The End @ FDIB (France) Dear readers, friends and collaborators of all kind, as you may have guessed reading the title or seeing the visual we have chosen for today, this is going to be a rather special post in FDIB's history. First of all, we would like to thanks everyone who followed or took part in the incredible venture this project was for us during five years full of passion and dedication to what became our main activity through seasons: modeling and fashion in general. This post isn't going to be the last one ever but... [Lire la suite]
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        Tess @ Select (London) Überraschung... or shall we write surprise instead as our topic of the day is all about an agency from London? Somehow feeling like the german title has some extra power and sounds intriguing enough to fit the mood of the moment. There is a feeling of change, wind of change in this word that we couldn't not use today. Something powerful and unexpected, exactly what was needed here. And the young señorita (just another trick to keep this post more internationally intriguing), Tess is... [Lire la suite]
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