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Meet Olga !

Olga Nestyak @ LMA Models (Russia) It's all about brunettes today. Sunday afternoon, the sun is back from behind the clouds the noisy (but ridiculously small) carnival is going away to some other streets and we're glad to be back full-time. Paris was amazing and these crazy weeks will always belong to our favorite moments in a year but we can't live without doing our "background work". Searching for the new thrill, looking around, finding new inspirations, going where our newest vision will lead us. Waking up in... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 20: Alla

  Alla Kostromicheva @ Angels (Paris), Union (London), Women (Milan), Women Direct (NY) It was clearly impossible not to include Alla to our TMSRRE series as we've been following closely her since these times she started to do well in Paris last season. Just an incredible rise, subtle and striking at the same time. The way we like to see a model blossom. It might have been the right time for her and the fashion world will always need her timeless beauty. She's so now but it doesn't show, she belongs to the kind that hardly... [Lire la suite]

No scoop, no buzz: just the thrill of a delightful development

Julia Ikonomou @ New York Models (NY) The lanky lady from New York Models caught our attention just before the season started in NY with a couple of striking tests, 5'11 silhouette and a unique face shape all in delicate contrasts. Sharp. An intriguing name was the last touch of mystery around the girl from Cosmopolitan Models in Australia, the kind of name that sounds right. Quite a random fact but it helps a lot to have an iconic face and be Ms. Ikonomou at the same time. So, what happened to her ? She booked a couple of... [Lire la suite]
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Ginta is more, more than...

  Ginta Lapina @ Women It's such a strange place on such a strange day. Being on Thursday instead of Sunday doesn't make it less strange. Miu Miu is always like that, the strange atmosphere of the very last moments on the very last day of the fashion week(s). Something in the air. Wind or the smell of various cigarettes melting in the streets. It feels like the end of the world or the start of a new era. Maybe both and even stronger than usual this time. Something was going on. Something in the air, again. So, Miu Miu.... [Lire la suite]
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Paris Part Three!

Catheline @ Marilyn (Paris) Part three, weekend report. From Atsuro Tayama on Friday morning to Givenchy on Sunday evening. Today is another busy day, Leonard plus Zucca plus Manish Arora for sure plus lots of meetings plus we'll see what else. Who knows...
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Paris Part Two!

  Anastasia Krivosheeva @ Women (Paris), Masha Kirsanova @ Viva (Paris) Second day report. Third day about to start. In thirty minutes we'll be at the other side of the town, attending Atsuro Tayama. Don't know who to expect there. Usually a safe casting with nice surprises. We'll tell you. Then in the next hours will be Issey Miyake, Gaspard Yurkievich and Christian Dior. Dior sounds exciting of course but we're even more excited about Yurkievich, the show you can't miss today if you're looking for new faces on the catwalk.... [Lire la suite]
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Paris Part One!

  Gracie Carvalho @ Marilyn (Paris), Lovani Pinnow @ IMG (Paris) Brazilian beauties at Kris Van Assche FW 09-10. We've got to run again, see you tonight. Check out our complete review while waiting...
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Ten minutes to countdown

Sheila Baum @ One (NY) Ten minutes and we turn off the computer. Suitcases are locked. We are ready. Another coffee and let's go, in three hours we are in Paris. Sheila is our last feature before leaving and the perfect one to say a quick goodbye as, for sure, we swear, we'll keep on updating as often as our hectic schedule allows us. Shows and meeting, tons of work but the most lovely work. Tons of energy, good mood. We leave you with Sheila's black and white pictures by Frej Hedenberg. We'll be back soon with some colorful... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Roos !

Roos @ Models in Company (The Netherlands) With a revamp website, much closer in quality to the high profile young ladies they represent, Models in Company has what it takes to catch your eye. To catch the best eye. Right now. Delightful design, filled with thrilling new pictures and a few surprises. By surprises we mean these newly signed girls called Veroni and Roos. No need to say  the latter with her dark shade of red hair was our first choice. An amazing addition to our Redhead Issues, definitely in good shape this... [Lire la suite]
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Are you ready to come fly with me ?

Caitlin @ Micha Models (Amsterdam) Weekly ? It's almost daily right now. Micha Models' latest updates are simply striking. One after the other. Brand new girls like our last two posts about them or amazing new tests, whatever as long as it's flying high. One mile high with Caitlin, who we introduced a few months ago. Powerful development will always have a place there and we're even happier when it fits our Redhead Issues. As freckly as refined, expressive to the max with her slightly melancholic gaze . 5'9"5 with a... [Lire la suite]
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