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When you create an illusion, make sure it looks unreal

Merlin @ First (London) The title is all about illusion but Merlin is for real, enchanting our eyes and enhancing our creative side. Purple dress (and black tights you'll have to imagine) on that light grey background that made the famous sleek/spooky touch of First digitals and she is ready for the ball. And for the shows. It's all about NY now but London is right after and time always goes faster as we get older. Weeks are like hours and hours are like... don't want to know. Better go back to illusions. Fireworks definitely... [Lire la suite]
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Dainty, daring, delicate, delightful...

      Janete Friedrich @ One (NY) Seems pretty hard to get enough of Janete. After featuring once here and once on, it was big time to feature her twice on both. Second time for the most intriguing One in town. Beyond the cut and color, beyond the hairdo, there is quite a sensitive look we can't ignore. Behind a highly colorful visual fantasy, the latest Brazilian to sign with One has way more to offer. Lexposed this morning, here are the missing three.
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Wanted: Marusia

    Marusia @ Marilyn (NY) Super-quick update, fast as a lightning. Hectic rythm, news coming and going, topics changing by the minute etc. Time for Marusia, new favorite at Marilyn. Rushing, running but caught by the stunning face and hairdo, the expressions and poses. Call it the most colorful black and white pictures of the year. Call her one a very promising young lady, 5'11 with blond bangs, blue eyes, dark brows. Caution, model in motion. Captivating is the least we can say.
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Dolled up and well-groomed

        Ksenia Gorban @ One (NY) Miles away from our last convo tonight, with her dark olive green outfit. Some broke in and stole her from an imaginary dollhouse to send her in NY. Was quite a good idea after all. As you see how she works out the genius lighting. Colors and shadows playing their parts surrounding the main character of the story, Ksenia herself. There is something unquestionably quiet, calm and poised in her poses and expressions. Something dramatic underneath. Something going on deep inside... [Lire la suite]
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It took us just one look (and we understood)

Edsa Ramirez @ Major (NY) You just said hi to Edsa one hour ago and here she's back. Couldn't really wait one or two more days. Wanted to share the sensation. The way she can embody a character. Here she worked with photographer Jacob Sadrak - it's written on the picture yet worth a second mention as he's been doing some of the most thrilling test in NY. Clean aesthetic, with a eye already glancing somewhere in the future. Perfect to mix with a very natural, raw beauty who shows how she can give hundred percent of her potential in... [Lire la suite]
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She will bring back your bicycle

Carla Crombie @ Women (Milan) Uno Barcelona's very own Carla seems to get on well with the camera in Milan. Fresh polas are the latest sign of her blossoming, getting ready by the day. Pale freckly skin meets brown hair and blue eyes meet a 5'11 silhouette. Freshness meet elegance at sky high level, it's not so usual to find a model looking so innocently elegant. Smart beauty with some carefree attitude in her pose. There's quite a rare combination of features and some equally stunning attitude. Made of contrasts, born to... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Edsa !

    Edsa Ramirez @ Major (NY) She's among our favorite of Major NY's show package and she's unique as unique can bit. Her look is raw but she's beyond sophisticated in her very own way, our 5'10 beauty from Mexico knows how to handle that kind of unusual potential to look perfect on any picture - from the sleekest to some hundred percent natural digitals. Like the two above. Meet Edsa, her beautiful name, the delicate shape of her eyes and the most interesting nose in town right now. Meet a chameleon and a character,... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Melinda !

Melinda @ Maverick Agency (Hungary) She's Maverick's little treasure and she's currently in Tokyo with Donna Models. Telephone is ringing while we are writing and we should be able to post more material soon. So, go fo an intro. Getting more confident day after day, making her early marks in the fashion world, mixing cuteness with consciousness, arousing interest that will turn into editorials. As her agent tells it herself, she's never met someone like Melinda (5'8 and 16): out of this world with her feet on the ground. Not... [Lire la suite]
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Being blond

 Elena Sudakova @ Black Model Management (Moscow), IMG (NY), Iconic (Berlin) Graceful from head to toe, almost floating in the air in her editorials. It's time for her to experience and enjoy the feeling of being a brand new blonde. Hair affair for our beloved multi-tasked girl. Long-time favorite of ours, she worked for Numéro with Solve Sundsbo last year and with photographer Eugene Klement - not only as model, keep in mind she's not just a face but also has infinite imagination and fairy fingers. She also takes part in the... [Lire la suite]
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Two Lanvin Girls, One Masterpiece

Kinee Diouf @ New York Models (NY), Major (Paris), d'management (Milan)Kendra Spears @ Ford (NY), Elite (Paris), Elite (Milan) Amazing combo: unusual editorial darlings and Lanvin-girls at their best. Kinee Diouf and Kendra Spears, quite successful, not exactly underrated yet never overhyped. Two girls that are building some rock-solid books with a magical blend of selective runways and high profile editorials.Kinee will always be related to Lanvin catwalks in our minds and memories. She's like the perfect match for the... [Lire la suite]