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A Cover cover to make the list longer longer

Kendra Spears @ Ford (NY) She's one of the true surprises of the season, at least for us as. And one of the best surprise. We can't say we've followed her from day one, just we've been watching. And convinced step by step. Amazed then astonished. Something fresh in her look, something vibrant. Energy. Whatever, no real need for a real name. Facts and figures on one hand and on the other a very inspiring kind of beauty. Paris loved her. Both Nina Ricci and Lanvin had a thing for brunette with brows this season and none forgot to... [Lire la suite]
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Rolling two six-sided dice

  Yulia Leontieva @ Marilyn (NY) It's already the third time we're writing something Yulia. It started this summer with some Couture stories (she walked for Josep Font) and part two was meant to celebrate her debuts in ready-to-wear. Paris, early days of fall. Spring collections. Where we saw her back after meeting her for the first time with her dress in july. Backstage rue St Honoré. Now the story continues miles away as she signed with Marilyn NY. Fresh polas and another dress. Another mood maybe but the character remains... [Lire la suite]
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Waving and raving and quiet diamonds shining

Yulia Kanova @ One (NY) High cheekbones, refinement, intensity. Will never fail. Never fade away. Distant or laid-back, poised whatever happens, Yulia caught our eyes again on recent polas. Sweet memories turning into reloaded yet refreshing crush. The gorgeous shape of eyes and the cute way she holds her arms - even if it's not obvious above here - allow her some precious poses. Precious. Might be the right word. Sometimes quite, sometimes wilder. Always precious. And poised. She has recently worked with photographer Adrian... [Lire la suite]
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Greater and grander than most of their kind

Indre & Sandra @ New York Models (NY) It's all larger-than-life and featuring two girls of a kind. Lithuanian twins Indre and Sandra caught our attention quite a while ago and now their first pictures from NY are strengthening our feelings towards the duet. Hey Dollface! It's all about dolls and you can't really tell who are the real dolls of the editorial by Kristiina Wilson. The matryoshka dolls or the 5'10 lithuanian living dolls ? Maybe both. Dolls² and more to come, more to tell, more to say.
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Two polas and four clementines

Magda Swider @ First (London) Was a strange day. November 11th. Not exactly a day off, not exactly our regular tuesday. Malls have never been that overcrowded by people going out to buy some golden balls they'll hang on their Christmas trees in one month. We were just passing by, trying to get some clementines for tonight and a bottle of water. Phone rang while we were in some random public toilets. First Models Management - Did you get Magda's polas as well ? Yes we did, stay tuned for tonight. Can you call us back in 5... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Ksenia !

Ksenia Arova @ Sky Models (Russia) She wasn't the first name that came to our mind when we thought of Sky Models in Russia but finally after being thrilled by a couple of pictures and asking for more polas, we're totally sold to Ksenia. When we saw those we could get the word "cute" out of our heads. Running, running. Running wild. Cuteness, cute smile, playful poses. Some will even think she's too cute. We agree but never too cute to be promising. She has already some work experience in Tokyo where she proved - on... [Lire la suite]
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Have you met China ?

China Kirby @ One (NY) China Kirby and her moody kid look caught our eyes when we saw her for the first time. Was only a couple of pictures but her expressions were already captivating, especially the way she gazes at the camera. Bringing some intensity to any polaroid she takes. Now she's back in NY - see it on Ginny Edwards' blog - and worked with Jonathan Leder for her book (see above). The styling is pretty different from all she's done before, she's experiencing curly hair in a lonely bedroom. Her expression and gaze... [Lire la suite]
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Nataliya's four aces

Nataliya Piro @ Women (Milan) Nataliya or Natalya ? Piro or Pirozhkova ? We had a hard time deciding how we'll call her here. We finally thought the way she's listed on her ukrainian agencies but even there it wasn't easy. Both agree on her first name, so we kept the i before the y. Then again, Piro or Pirozhkova ? Hard to make the proper decision. In the end these two lines or so are probably the best way to be sure she's both Nataliya and Natalya, Piro and Pirozhkova. The one. Who cares about a letter in her case ? Her face... [Lire la suite]
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It's Ali, it's OK, it's an Odyssey

  Ali Stephens @ Elite (NY) We've already featured her less than two weeks ago as she had her two pages in Numéro and she rocks the latest issue of 10 magazine (in a story by Richard Bush). We just remembered we had a few bonus pictures from French Revue de Modes by Thierry Le Gouès (see above). A tad sleeker than what she did in Numéro (in both editorials, after all), more androgynious than in her story from november issue of i-D and of course not as wild as her recent spread in Vogue Italia. Contributing to a porftolio... [Lire la suite]
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Rock us more !

Olya Omyalieva @ d'management (Milan) We can't get enough and are totally unable to make a decision. We first thought we'd only use the first polaroid sheet. Wasn't enough. Never enough. The more of Olya, the better. Here's part two. The very best way to end our day.
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