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Can't Stop

            Kelly Mittendorf @ Marilyn (NY) Had a chance to meet with Nando Esparza last month, at his place in New York and if you're not too messy to write down an address correctly (as we are), you will surely enjoy the little trip up to Amsterdam Avenue then enjoy the photographer's inspiration even more. From his way to work, the detail that striked us most was his will to uncover everything others seem to hide and the patient yet easy-going manner he has to shoot until he captures the greatest.... [Lire la suite]
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Rocking and Whirling

          Lisa-Marie Lipscomb @ Robert Black Agency / Ford Arizona (USA) Like a wind of newness, like the weather today, like the imaginary wave crossing our minds. If our first post was deep (yet fully optimistic), our mood goes with newborn Spring this afternoon. Good vibrations, then. And good news for whoever is looking for fresh inspiration as well: today's second post features a new model, Lisa-Marie Lipscomb and a photographer we hope to count among the names that regularly appear on FDIB, Danno Watts.... [Lire la suite]
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Keep Love Alive

      Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY) Bittersweet thoughts come and go and take your mood so high, so low. Like the wave following the moon that the shore will always seem to ignore. Lonely dreams are for lonely dreamers but feed the inspiration and keep love alive, through years and against fate, taking the strangest ways not to go off on a tangent. Love has no price and especially no pride, and for whoever believes time is on his side. Might be such a strange intro for a post dedicated to a girl who lightheartedly started... [Lire la suite]
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Where You Find It

        Yulia Terentieva @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Despite the basic fact this kind of studio stories will never get us totally thrilled, there is something refreshing and a lot of high energy in this editorial from most recent issue of UK Elle. And quite a good dose of creativity to turn what could have totally uninspiring into a vivid spread that turns on your mood at the first second. It's spring and the atmosphere to this short story goes with it, both for the first sunny days of March and... [Lire la suite]
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Tiny Thrill and No Gamble

    Daria Sayapina @ V.G. Model Management (Russia) It's been a while since we didn't publish anything on a "new face". Because the show season was going wild and it just becomes pointless to introduce anyone unsigned when everybody is watching the castings and collections. Also because it goes too easily over the place, gets out of tune and the message gets blured. Good new models are rather easy to find, great ones are quite harder to spot and the crowd of aspiring "newcomers of the season" is turning our initial... [Lire la suite]
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Wild At Heart

      Dimphy @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Our short story today starts with two fortunate meetings and ends with two more of the same kind in Paris two weeks later. You might already know Dimphy was the one to catch our attention among the new models in town at New York Models for this season, we've never made a mystery of the fact she quickly became a favorite here after a fifteen minute interview and polaroid session at the agency last month. But the Big Apple was the opportunity to meet another... [Lire la suite]

High Octane

      Rosanne @ Bloom Management (The Netherlands) First steps. Would have been quite a good pun for a title and would make sense. First steps into the "real" editorial world for Rosanne and first issue of Ponystep Magazine, aka the talk of the town in Paris last week. And that's a pretty nice feeling to write a few lines on Rosanne again, after introducing the "girl with the golden scar" a few months ago. Not a short update with a few test shots nor a couple of tearsheets from an obscure publication that doesn't do... [Lire la suite]
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The King of The Ring

Kate King @ Elite (NY) It was a "coup double" for us when we had the first opportunity to feature Kate King on FDIB earlier this year. New girl by new photographer, the kind of deal we love. Our attention was immediately caught by the classic beauty with a twist when New York-based photographer Nando Esparza shared with us his work with Kate and it quickly turned out to be one of the most exciting post we wrote lately. Sharp features on the model's side, high inspiration on the creative side and bright future in perspective for... [Lire la suite]
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      Caterina Ravaglia @ Elite (Milan, Paris) Every show season has its high and low moments and to be sincere with you readers, this one was full of radical changes of mood going from total boredom to the highest hopes. The most important might be to find a balance and let the rare moment of geniune excitement become inspirations for the future. Every little detail we notice that can strengthen our vision is worth to take as good sign and every moment that could lower our faith should be skipped as fast as we can... [Lire la suite]
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Direct Woman (Extended Version)

          Aymeline Valade @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Paris & Milan), FM (London) Back from casting nonsenses and so-called arty fashionable videos that would make you love a full afternoon of watching all Walt Disney's classics in a row, back from seeing the ugliest covers ever that we won't name and back from having a quick look at the worst caricature of this business ever. It's like we went to hell and back and even if we haven't reached heaven yet, having the new issue of Numéro is already relieving... [Lire la suite]
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