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Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY) You never see much when you get too close to the (spot-)lights and same should be true for fashion week as well. You never know as less as when you actually attend it, when you concentrate too much on the moment and get caught by the rush. That's how you might miss a couple of details you would have seen sitting at your desk, watching carefully everything. But hey, a little (and that was actually a lot) of action doesn't hurt or if it does, it's for good reasons. So, during the whole New York coverage we... [Lire la suite]
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The Hidden Face Of The Moon

    Arizona Muse @ Next   May you get her look or not, may you read our previous post on her or just looked at the pictures, it doesn’t make much difference in the end : Arizona Muse’s moment is now and it’s pretty rare to see a model getting such exposure from so many publications with different aesthetics and targets. From Vogue US to Vogue Italia to Vogue Paris and so on, you know the story already. And add on top of this list a whole issue of Dazed and Confused dedicated to her with four covers including two we... [Lire la suite]
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Sui He Enlights

Sui He @ NYMM Just a short supplement to our digital session with Sui He, the girl who opened and closed Vivienne Tam on Saturday and Diane Von Furstenberg on Sunday and one of the most intriguing newcomers at New York Models right now. From China and enjoying a promising first season in New York right now, we had the (short) opportunity to spend a moment with her at the agency. See the results HERE and keep your fingers crossed for her next steps !
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The Minute Between Now And Soon

        Milly @ One (NY) Let's keep a little more minutes away from the rush again even if this time the topic isn't really disconnected to the current events in town as Milly is here for the shows and that's partly why we feature her again after a short intro with fresh digitals. Though, this time it's clearly "the creative side of the week" that gets our complete attention and you can't imagine how this is only the visible part of the iceberg. Daytime reporters and undercover agents...... [Lire la suite]
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Wild Water

        Lena Hardt @ Joy (Milan) Taking a short break from New York fashion week's frenzy, let's stop running and rushing for a couple hour and check out what's new in our favorite glossy pages. Amica was among the first one that crossed our minds (and eyes) when we started looking for other inspirations than shows and backstage atmosphere. And, once again, the italian magazine didn't fail to impress and confirm it's rock-solid position as one of the most interesting place to start for a newcomer. This month, it's... [Lire la suite]
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Juju Ivanyuk @ NYMM She may agree with anyone who says great things take time to happen... Juju spotted all smiles not long after opening and closing BCBG show.
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Dimphy Janse @ NYMM Ronja Furrer@ NYMM Cora Emmanuel @ NYMM   It was bound to happen, we couldn't resist any longer to the calling charms of the Big Apple, so here we are !Besides our own special features straight from New York fashion week, we will also be documentating daily behind the scene moments from New York Models, directly on their blog.Check our first morning of blogging in New York, first moments running around the city streets and fighting against the wind, following the new readhead in town, Nastya Pindeeva, to... [Lire la suite]
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Wow Factor

She just did her first season last year and already managed to extend her appeal from Vogue Paris to US Vogue via Vogue Italia , Vogue UK and Dazed & Confused. And yet another issue of Vogue Italia. A phenomenal editorial work in the shortest amount of time. May sound too phenomal to be true, or rather questionable yet the answer might as well be obvious if you consider the undeniable aura of maturity and grace she projects at a time when  the reign of disposable new girls is being pointed out as something that strongly... [Lire la suite]
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Visages, Figures

Georgina Stojiljkovic @ Supreme Patricia van der Vliet @ NY ModelsKarolina Kurkova @ IMG Missy Rayder @ IMGHannelore Knuts @ Ford We fade to Grey or the show must go on? That's maybe the last question we asked ourselves between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night fever finished fast and Sunday seems still far away, only Grey Magazine keeps going places in our heads right now. Patricia's fuzzy blurred cover by Ellen Von Unwerth or Missy's black and white standout by Beau Grealy could be the highlights. Or did we spot Chadwick... [Lire la suite]

One Day Or Another

        Milly @ One (NY) Introduced just yesterday evening as "Milly the Brit", the latest One caught some immediate attention with a couple of black and white shots packed as a collage. Though these two or three pictures were such a beautiful way to say hello, what we selected for today's feature is unveiling a little more on Milly yet still keeping most of her mystery alive. And surely a touch of mystery doesn't hurt now as the show season is starting soon enough to keep the most impatient eyes waiting for more... [Lire la suite]
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