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I want to take a picture with my dress !

Yulia Leontieva @ Metropolitan (Paris) The most versatile Latvian in Paris has already caught our eyes at Josep Font during Couture fashion week in july. The same also caught her eyes with her tests and early polaroid sheet. It reminds actually of one of our ealy articles about the eyes and the eye-lids and that's probably where the little secret of Yulia is taking its roots. Even more striking, is there anything cuter on earth than a model telling you in backstage "I want to take a picture with my dress!". And the story goes on,... [Lire la suite]
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Follow on your shadows in the night

Most cats are grey at night. Some are just fluorescent and shining bright. Sparkling. Here she is again ! It's not the same atmosphere as in Cosmo Girl but it's the same, one and only, Ilona (at Major, as written). The same "seriously playful" poses that makes you believe she believes in what she does. Or maybe just lives it. Little mystery and a perfect bedtime story. Goodnight and sweet dreams. And wake up smiling, and laughing. Inspired.
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Double delight

Patrycja Marciniak @ Mango (Poland) Paulina Marciniak @ Mango (Poland) It's both delightful and helpful to have friends in Poland. Delightful, always. And these days it's a pretty lovely helping hand as Polish scouts seems to be relentless. You can't really count how many amazing new faces you'll see browsing through the agencies there but for sure you can count on them. The best moment in that story is when we found this little message about Paulina and Patrycja. Nothing's more thrilling that some fresh and friendly news.... [Lire la suite]
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Let's take some polas while...

Anna Heaton @ First (London) You can call it development. We've been following Anna from her first steps to her most recent polas - taken today. Her look is slightly become more mature, without losing the freshness from her debuts and she seems to be incredibly confident in front of the camera now. Finding the right attitude, calm and nervous at the same time, getting on well with the mood of her t-shirt... and we love the little effect of her hair on it. Creating an atmosphere. The right look, the right gaze. Live... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anna Louise !

Anna Louise @ 2PM (Denmark) With two of the most talked-about models from Denmark - Charlotte (building a serious editorial book these days) and Mette (now with Next NY) - 2PM is proving once again the strength of their overall board with an extra mention to their latest addition, Anna Louise. As she's cute as a button, as much as you might even forget she's no less than 5'10. She's probably the kind you don't overlook as she immediately catch your eyes when you saw her fresh face among the other models on 2PM's current board.... [Lire la suite]
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Mewing a meow

Ilona Struzik @ Major (NY) You may not imagine how happy we were to get this Cosmo Girl issue. Yes, Cosmo Girl. Some will think it's "just a Cosmo Girl" while dreaming of the newest issue of italian Vogue (we too yet we love, love, love our Cosmo Girl) or that it's not really a big deal. Big deal maybe not. Big moment for sure.You may not imagine either how exciting it was to buy an american magazine other than some high profile, high fashion publication. To see the preppy colors, the excessively bold styling, the... [Lire la suite]
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On the list

Sana Soegaard Belal @ Ford (NY) Could be an update in our series that could be called "what happens when our favorite models work with our favorite photographers". Sure, there are still a lot more in waiting, more favorite girls by more of our favorite photographers... but now it's time for Sana (also with Next Paris and Joy Milan) captured by Karl Rothenberger (yes, the same who shot genius pictures of Laine, Vilita... and check his blog to meet Alison, redhead love again). Sana seems to be no one hit wonder and... [Lire la suite]
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Sunday girl

Nika Lauraitis @ Elite (Paris) Went out for a walk yesterday, at the end of the afternoon. Went to the train station and thought maybe there's something new or at least something we could have overlooked at the little bookstore. Was quite surprising to see a new issue of Biba already out. It's written on it: september. Looked sweet, sounded nice. Had a look inside, just for a few seconds and saw Nika. Enough to buy it eyes-closed. After all we could try to buy every issue like that as their choices of models weren't... [Lire la suite]
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With or without reasons

Milagros Schmoll @ Pink (Argentina) There are various reason that pushed us to write a little article on Milagros: someone left us a comment recently saying she's "the most georgeous redhead" and even if we think she's strawberry-blond we agreed on the fact she needed more exposure here. Then yesterday was her mother agent's birthday and there's no better opportunity to feature one of his models. Then we absolutely love her polas from Trump. Then we're always glad to meet her in backstage during fashion weeks in Paris.... [Lire la suite]
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Just a crush...

Aneu @ Uno (Spain) We often take a look at Uno - based in Barcelona - as they represent many of our beloved models (say the Gorbans, Dasha Malygina, Angelika Kocheva, Eugenia Vidal and many, many others, too many to name them all in one article), are updating often their books and adding fresh handpicked new faces. Browsing through their women board our eyes were suddenly caught by a thumbnail. And a name. Gorgeous eyes called Aneu. We checked. Saw the pictures. Saw the 5'10 and thought she's maybe just a crush, she... [Lire la suite]
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