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Baltic beauties at Metropolitan Paris (suite)

  Ieva Aniulyte @ Metropolitan (Paris) Last time we wrote about girls from Baltic countries standing out at Metropolitan, our first model featured was no other than Ieva's sister Aida. They look alike ? Like sisters, of course and maybe more. But each one also has her very own strengths and could offer some different things in front of the camera. There's probably more of a late-80's vibe in Ieva, and she might share with Edita Vilkeviciute the incredibly strong jawline and this touch of sensuality to balance it. Ieva... [Lire la suite]
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Sit down and enjoy an Earl Grey

"Disconnected" from Style apr'08 by Annabelle Tiaffay, styled by Celine de Selva "City Blonde" from Dealer de Luxe #16 by Muriel Vega, styled by Aurélie Deltour It's been a long, long time we wanted to dedicate a complete article on Yvonne Eriksen (@ City Paris, mother agency Team in Norway). Actually since we met her for the first time, the last sunday of September last year, a morning at the Louvre, our first day at s/s 08 Paris fashion week. We saw a tall blond model with fierce yet friendly eyes... [Lire la suite]
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Look like yourself, book by yourself

Melissa Tur @ Success (Paris) If we don't mind the shrimp look, we don't mind a more sporty, big brows and fierce feline glance look too. There is enough place among the new generation of models for various kinds of beauty to express their own without cannibalising each other. We've seen it these last season, specific faces are being more successful than a particular trend. What do models like the tiny-blondie Viktoriya Sasonkina really have in common with the cheekbones-genius Natalia Chabanenko or the sharp-featured... [Lire la suite]
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Chablis, pen, paper and no blockbuster

Elisa Sednaoui @ d'Management (Milan) We remember talking, with one of our friend living in Paris, about our favorite models and what makes them our actual favorites. And very often the convo went to the fact that models who stand out are like actresses, they express emotions very naturally. The comparison sounds a bit cliché sometimes and has been used several times but we still think it's often justified even there are some slight differences between pictures and motion pictures. Between silent glossy paper and dialogues. This... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Jana !

Jana Wirth @ Place Models (Germany) We've been thinking about an article on Jana for a few months now but is there any better opportunity than a bunch of fresh new polaroids with more and more emphasis on her very, very intriguing look ? Playing again with her short platinum hair, swinging and posing as she were born like that. Maybe she was, we never know, we'll never now and probably don't want. Just enjoy the look and the movement. The crackling of the camera is just starting now.
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Cat's eyes

Cat McGrath @ Next (NY) Or maybe we should have called it "Cat's hair" ? Or just by the original title of the story by Kristiina Wilson "Catbird" ? Well we thought the hair was obvious and the title belongs to the whole story. So, our choice was finally "Cat's eyes" as there is a lot to tell about her dreamy glance when she looks right at the camera. Of course the auburn curls are what you see first but it goes hand in hand with her eyes, making a bigger impression. We first saw her polas and were... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Marie-Heleen

  Marie-Heleene @ EMA (Estonia) Our new favorite from Estonia. Just scouted, just signed. All in the shape of her eyes and their expression, mixed with delicate (yet still quite strong) facial features, slender silhouette and sporty look. We don't know if it's obvious or not but you can consider as a little intro to this new vibe we were talking about recently. New wave, velvet revolution.  At least a very refreshing perspective.
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Behind the silence

Alina @ FM Agency (London) Sorry for the silence yesterday. Well, it was maybe helpful and even necessary. Sometimes you need some kind of break, at least not to rush for 24 hours. That doesn't mean we've been sitting down and waiting, watching the clock. Time went by, in a different way that's true, but we definitely had things to sort out, new ideas to develop before writing them as clear as possible, new pictures to see. Books to finish and dreams to understand. Sounds odd yet sometimes it can't go without this touch of... [Lire la suite]
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Mutli-talented and art attacks

Marju Kaps @ Joy (Milan) It's a double dedicate. To our friend and backstage photographer gone on holidays in Estonia (Marju's home country) today and to all the relentless efforts of these agencies to provide the very best development to their new faces. It's already our thrid feature on Marju and we're not getting tired. Looking for a fourth one, of course. These new shots reminds us of paitings, of our first job which is all about it. Painting, art etc. A world that doesn't call money money. It's a shame as fashion isn't... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sofie !

Sofie Schwensen @ Scoop Models (Denmark) Clap your hands and say Sofie. She's cute and freckly and even beyond both. Just the kind we like, going through some little motion, through some raw snap shots and flower-printed top to end up as one our featured faces of the day. We love the poses and the shape of her eyes. We like the potential and its promises. We think it was the right timing to make her a favorite or at least a precious dark horse for the next seasons to come. Looking for her, looking to it, looking at Denmark once... [Lire la suite]
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