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Wanted: Waleria

Waleria Pekalska @ Studio KLRP (Paris) Brand new at Studio KLRP, just in time. No need to say we love her. Redhead love is always up and rising here. And redheads in green outfits always do it right. More soon. Stay tuned. There is much more to say about her, about her look, her eyes and very fresh vibe. Unusual and uncommon. Red alert again. Warnings are on for Waleria.
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Photomaton with Isis

  Isis Bataglia Esposito @ Elite (Paris) She was almost everywhere she needed to be in Sao Paulo, she's the darling of this season in Brazil, she's already signed with Elite Paris and she has the name to make it even cuter and more thrilling. Who could resist to such a unique face called Isis ? We have as strong feeling regarding her look, thinking it can easily be what we need now. And what we'll need for the season to come. It's sooner than ever now. Couture shows are in less than a week from now and two months later... [Lire la suite]
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An albatross showed us the way

Magdalena Fiolka @ d'Management (Milan) Once upon a season we were wondering who were the new, the very new and maybe too new girls that have the potential to see their career taking off in a near future. We had that delightful Polish from Eastern Models called Magdalena in our list. We thought she was going to grow. It didn't happen as fast as we expected but following her Ariane's thread in the labyrinth of development we finally found her back at d'Management Milan after a trip to Tokyo from where she came with some solid... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sussi !

Sussi Tordrup Røjgaard @ New Madison (Paris) When we saw her book a couple of weeks ago we didn't know. Was it time ? It wasn't. But now it is. Or maybe it's still early as she's not the typical kind of faces we often feature here. Let's consider her as an avant première. Some little things happened these days, can't tell it now but it happened. And to check her at her mother agency in Denmark (Scoop Models) helped as well to make up our minds on how and when to post a preview on Sussi. If she's probably a tad more classic... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Marie Justine !

Marie Justine @ Ford (Paris) What do you think of this young lady ? She's in Paris right now and she might have some first class opportunities there. She's one of these striking new faces you see at Ford Paris these days. Free-and-easy, cool yet intense, playing somewhere between cold beauty and sensuality, Marie Justine seems to have that "look that will never fail" and that editorial vibe appealing to many picky magazines (from bestsellers to underground, especially underground bestsellers). So, what do you think... [Lire la suite]
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Part one and a half

Dei Auruskeviciute & Sara von Schrenk @ Ford (NY) It's not already part two but it's more than part one. It's part one and a half and it's featuring another side of Dei's potential. This time shot by Fidel Lirio, a very promising photographer working with Ford's most promising models. Besides Dei, check out Sara, the swedish girl (from Stockholmsgruppen) that is creating her own buzz in NY right now. It's all about freshness. Fresh faces and fresh photographer. Thrilling. Part two is sooner than ever now.
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A is for Ausrine

Ausrine @ PMST New digitals of our new favorite. New sides explored yesterday and new perspectives for tomorrow. Ausrine was the international mystery girl at PMST when they first introduced her without mentioning her name. We were more than intrigued and rushed to her picture when they finally released the whole first set. Now it's time for second set and time to think about development. There is still this raw potential, raw look of a just-found natural girl. But there's also more refinement in her poses, a stronger... [Lire la suite]
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Part one

Dei Auruskeviciute @ Ford (NY) Send me a dream, a dream, a dream. We've been waiting for the day we'll see Dei in NY. Waiting for the day she'll work with our favorite photographers (here by Jonathan Leder). Waiting for the moment she will shine and outshine, glowing and blossoming. It has been worth to wait all these months, believing she has the power and the potential. She was just too young, too fresh. She's now young and fresh. Sweet seventeen from Modilinos (Lithuania) is biting in the Big Apple with her innocent... [Lire la suite]
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Only girl story...

Yulia Kharlapanova @ Women (NY) Beauty is insane and insanity is beautiful as well and when a beauty like Yulia becomes insane in front of Chadwick Tyler's camera it makes some horror-movie scenes turn into the most gorgeous thing on earth. And throws away the fake romanticism  that you might have seen here or there to its closet (check back what romantic means then compare to its current general use). Releases what has been waiting for too long or just ignored until this very moment (didn't we say Chadwick is the... [Lire la suite]
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Melody for the eyes

Julia Oliv @ Women (NY) She has her delicate feet on NY's ground since yesterday only and her polas are already released. We saw her for the first time a couple of months ago and couldn't stop looking at her profile. It was just some early digital shots but it was the most objective way to be totally subjective in five minutes. Sold to her nose. It's odd, it's true, it's how it always goes with new models. A little detail, a first impression or a quick second look and the story begins. Some random thoughts and the story... [Lire la suite]
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