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A Joyful team

Erin Heatherton Erin is probably one of the most surprising models working today, she's been doing various editorials with very different photographers. She has versatility and is properly able to change one's mind about her. She has already proven many times that her potential can cross the boundaries of the most definite stylings, making hers every atmosphere. Latest piece to be released in stores comes from Mixte where she shares an editorial (shot by Jam and styled by Sarah Cobb) with another surprising lady of the... [Lire la suite]
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High-speed fairy tale

Lina Smaliukaite @ d'Management Getting better and better with each pic she does. Lina, from the first polas to her latest test shots from Milan. Her career is just starting to take off right now but it's already a beautiful story. In pictures. Fitting natural styling with the same talent as heavy make up, color as brilliantly as black and white, the most talked-about PMST girl of the moment is getting ready. As fast and easily as you can say it. Blossoming in Milan and Paris is calling now.
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Dasha Malygina @ Nathalie (Paris) Yes, there is another LMA girl in our second article today. Our beloved Dasha is getting two features (both shot by Gregory Derkenne) in Citizen K. First one on black background pictures a very natural Dasha, quite dark, close to the way she is in backstage. The second story is probably what she does the best, playing some odd roles, odd poses in odd clothes. She's one these few models that is always able to bring one feeling and its opposite in the same picture (remember her work for... [Lire la suite]
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Five aces in one hand

Alla Zhihareva Anastasia Mukhina Maria Loginova Olga Reshetnyak Valentina Ruban They are not four but five aces at LMA Models among the newest faces to reach their board. Five ones and each with her very own look but all with some strong potential. Once again, the very specific aesthetic at LMA helps a lot to be fully aware of it and highlights the features and qualities of each girl. It's still very simple, right to the point and very easy to remember. Immediately. That's how it works sometimes and many of the most successful... [Lire la suite]
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Model Talking

Philippa Bywater @ Models1 (London) We always love this feature in Neo2 and this time it's just even more lovely with a little feature on Philippa Bywater (she's been describe by another model as the coolest and the most beautiful, we can only believe it). Actually it's a major issue of Neo2 as the editorial contents are huge and the casting is amazing. Count Anna Nocon (welcome back), Andressa Fontana, Cristina Jurach and Marina Jamieson among others. Back to Philippa as she's our main topic here, we learnt that she loves... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Adrianna !

Adrianna Grzadziel @ Take2 (London) She's only 5'7 but her face is just breathtaking. Height doesn't matter much when it's all about a vivid beauty like Adrianna. We also appreciate her versatility who leads her to many different kind of jobs and makes her totally fit mainstream as much as more underground stylings and magazines. This kind of uncommon abilities plus some extra presence in front of the camera have done well for some other "small" models and examples aren't missing these times here as we recently... [Lire la suite]
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Multi-tasked and expressive

Giedre Dukauskaite @ Viva (Paris) Giedre Dukauskaite, the epitome of a PMST girl is getting busier and busier. After Vogue Italia in june, take a look at her most recent work released in bookstores. French Elle by David Oldham and Mixte by David Slijper (definitely in love with his work with two fantastic editorial this month, see Viktoriya from W below), from a rather androgynious look brought by short black (and often messy) hair to some sun-tanned sexiness, we're just totally thrilled by the way she fits various... [Lire la suite]
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The looks of Lena

Lena Pershina @ Avant (Russia)Shot in two different moods by Sasha Korostelyeva who also did Nastyusha's most recent and most striking tests, Lena Pershina has a few more cards in hand, playing both roles with the same power. She perfectly embodied both the sleek ballerina doll or laid-back urban looks. How do we prefer our young Lena ? Tough question. Or maybe the answer is we prefer versatile which means just as she really is.
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Once and twice

Victoria Anderson @ DNA (NY) On the road again and again... crossing the country or just the city, Victoria Anderson, DNA's absolute cutest is going on her own way now. She's been a part of two articles dedicated to new faces since she appeared last year (see here and there), it's no big time for her to get her only girl post. And it's nothing but a double dosis of editorial stories this month. A good reason to do it here a now. Can't you feel the heat ? Ben Watts who shot both of them. Can't you feel the groove ? I feel... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Clementine

Clementine @ IMM (Belgium) We picked Clementine last february for a little intro because of her sweetness and her sharp features. She was the girl we needed, she has that vibe that we were waiting for after an avalanche of much tougher faces. We love the mix between this real softness, potential versatility and very specific look made by the delicate shape of her eyes and thick dark brows. A mix that actually often reach its target, a mix that could be seen thousand times and never look the same. You get the impression... [Lire la suite]
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