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The looks of Lena

Lena Pershina @ Avant (Russia)Shot in two different moods by Sasha Korostelyeva who also did Nastyusha's most recent and most striking tests, Lena Pershina has a few more cards in hand, playing both roles with the same power. She perfectly embodied both the sleek ballerina doll or laid-back urban looks. How do we prefer our young Lena ? Tough question. Or maybe the answer is we prefer versatile which means just as she really is.
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Once and twice

Victoria Anderson @ DNA (NY) On the road again and again... crossing the country or just the city, Victoria Anderson, DNA's absolute cutest is going on her own way now. She's been a part of two articles dedicated to new faces since she appeared last year (see here and there), it's no big time for her to get her only girl post. And it's nothing but a double dosis of editorial stories this month. A good reason to do it here a now. Can't you feel the heat ? Ben Watts who shot both of them. Can't you feel the groove ? I feel... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Clementine

Clementine @ IMM (Belgium) We picked Clementine last february for a little intro because of her sweetness and her sharp features. She was the girl we needed, she has that vibe that we were waiting for after an avalanche of much tougher faces. We love the mix between this real softness, potential versatility and very specific look made by the delicate shape of her eyes and thick dark brows. A mix that actually often reach its target, a mix that could be seen thousand times and never look the same. You get the impression... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Laine !

Laine Soldane @ Why Not (Milan) We discovered Laine a few months ago when she arrived on Angels Models (Paris) board with a couple of striking tests. She's now with Why Not in Milan, adding a couple of stunning polas taken in may that shows how much her beauty is reliable. Reliable beauty as a concept ? Maybe. We love the idea of a model showing the same mood, the same vibe on both very natural and elaborated (and even highly retouched) pictures. Potential than just can't lie, on bedhead looks as much as on beauty shots.
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Vic Willenpart @ Pink (Argentina) Our favorite Argentinian is currently in Milan with Joy Models and as we're still waiting for some new pictures from there, we thought it was big time to take another glimpse at her crazy look and unmatched potential. There are basically three reasons for an update on Vic. Milan, of course but also the urge to show some possible unexplored sides of her (polaroids often reveal a lot of good unexpected things) and a few extra pictures by a photographer we've recently noticed... Vic by... [Lire la suite]
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Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY) It's not the same sassy atmosphere as in Numéro Tokyo (Viktoriya was surrounded by drums, wearing this famous golden ring). It's much sleeker than the colorful outfits and plastic wrapping but it's still the same Viktoriya wherever she goes. She leaves her personal mark on every single character she's playing in fashion stories (the list is getting longer and stronger). Dressing up for a walk on some endless boulevards is as easy as making faces in front of a backstage photographer. Being a Versace... [Lire la suite]
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Bored look never looks boring (full moon story)

  Yulia Seryegina @ Avant (Russia) Like July coming after June, tests are coming right after polaroids. Yulia was introduced only three days ago and we've already some test shots to keep the story going on. But you might have guessed it wouldn't be long as we immediately informed that the second round was going to be imminent. Here we go. Slender silhouette with slightly awkward poses bringing extra freshness to the shots and a fake bored expression were enough to let us think she could be a little phenomenon. Or a least... [Lire la suite]
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A real disco-baby

Dariana @ MRA Models (Romania) Fly away with Dariana this evening, atypical Romanian beauty from Iasi (where she's been discovered by a scout in a discotheque, clubbing around) and the epitome of an Amica-girl. Signed with Metropolitan in Paris and starting an international career for real now. We love the endless freshness of her shy smile on the polas, the expressions on her tests. After booking some reliable local jobs, we're now waiting for the next steps of our latest 5'10 darling, moving up and forward.
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The Kika Rose Ridley story

Kika Rose Ridley. The name is totally unforgettable. The face is pretty the same. It's the story of a slightly smaller girl. A new tiny queenie in the fashion world. A new and very fresh energy, a new wind blowing on her editorials. She's doing well in what we're calling now "training-ground magazines" adding a new one every month. An endless flow of refreshing pictures which are turning out to be a fantastic portfolio once when you put them all together. Stories side by side and all in a row. Stories within the... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Marju !

Marju Kaps @ Joy (Milan) She's another seriously convincing new face from Top Models in Estonia (remember Kai was featured yesterday) and another one to keep in mind among Joy Models brand new addition (she's also signed with Metropolitan Paris). Sophisticated leggy beauty (5'10"5) with extremely sharp and delicate features, Marju is playing in her very own class right from the start. Watch an unique look getting some universal appeal.
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