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QVEST be good to us

Living near the border, Germany has always been a wonderful and endless source for thrilling magazines and we've already featured many of them. Among our favorites, QVEST was one that never disappointed us and one of the only we have almost every issue since we've heard of it for the first time. We're in love with their castings  and the incredible styling of their fashion stories. So, when we've been asked by QVEST to make an printed article on Fashion Does It Better in the next issue, our hearts started to beat faster. ... [Lire la suite]
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Lipstick truth

Catherine McNeil @ Next (NY), Next (Paris), Chic Management (Australia) We remember our first article on Catherine, almost one year ago. Dressed as a bunny, with a blue blue sky in the background and flashy pink Vogue written above. Her Vogue Paris cover, her very special way to embody the sexy bunny, her exclusive contract with Testino. The whole formula was so special and maybe quite far from what might have been planned at the beginning. McNeil is McNeil, not the replica of any past icon. But we have to admit that since her... [Lire la suite]
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Depiction of a delightful

Magdalena Frackowiak @ Elite (Paris), Independent (London) Fully painted or totally natural with as less make-up as possible. Magdalena's showed us over and over that she can fit all the looks in both categories. Already body-painted in a previous issue of i-D and in pastel tones for Vogue Germany a little later, then just back with colors and feathers in Numéro to be followed by a sleeker one for 10 magazine (including the cover) and her brand new editorial in current i-D. She's a true performer, a delicate chameleon.... [Lire la suite]
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Romantic ability

Inna @ Faces (Ukraine), Success (Paris), Trump (NY) The dreamy atmosphere is there. Or in her. You can tell it either from her polaroids or her editorial in italian Glamour. For sure, she's also able to look fierce, to look tough. She's expressive, after all. She's the kind of model getting noticed for their fierce look then convincing by their romantic abilities. Walk on the wet sand, listen to the waves crashing on the shore, spread your wing if you think you've got some. At least she's flying high on every single picture.
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The little matchstick girl

Aline Weber @ One (NY) The little matchstick girl. This is the way she's described on the first page of her portfolio at One. And, true, there is something of this vibe in her, some vision of her selling matchsticks in the corner of the street. Far away from her the atmosphere of her latest story in Numéro where she was sunburned with almost white hair. The cover of the new Dazed&Confused is pretty much closer to the matchstick girl image, with its fall/winter styling. Aline is definitely giving Dazed one if its most wonderful... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Tisah !

 Tisah @ Chantale Nadeau (Canada) We've just fallen in love with Tisah today. Just now. In love with her face, her name, her attitude. We know it's really, really early and these are the very first pictures we've seen. But a crush is a crush, we can't resist and can't go without. Without these new models that immediately makes our hearts beat faster. It's a part of the whole thing, after all. Listening to our emotions, following our feelings. Always taking the risk to be wrong yet we've already some great example we can also... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Magda !

  Magda @ PMST (Czech Republic) The recent new faces flow at PMST was almost magical. Keeping their high levels and even raising them to an unmatched one. Via was the latest sensation, the newest is now Magda. The first one caught our eyes with her vivid cuteness, the latter comes with her incredible eyes and strong look. She's rocking both the fluo-green trench and the red bikini. And she's got the eye-brows to remember, not the darkest yet their shape is unique. Made for a unique girl like her.
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Before a mirror

Jessica Blanco @ L'Equipe (Brazil), 2morrow Models (Milan) She's a vision, she's a dream. She's Jessica Blanco, who did well in Brazil this season and started to grace the catwalks in Milan as well. Pictured by Gisela Filc (one of our latest photographer crushes) there would be so many things to tell about Jessica that it's probably better not to say too much and concentrate on the picture. We've always been in love with the concept of "duet" where both the model and the photographer have a very strong role to play.... [Lire la suite]
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The end of the rainbow

     Alison Nix @ Women (NY) She was its previous cover-girl and she's now inside. The italian version of Marie-Claire seems to love Alison as much as we do. Shot by Mel Karch (who already did some marvels with Anna Barsukova, Vlada Roslyakova, Egle Tvirbutaite, Ilona Kuodiene and especially Dovile Virsilaite), surrounded by plenty of details, the end of the rainbow (as it's the title of this editorial) is still pretty much colorful.
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Meet Janini !

Janini Gertz @ Way Model Management (Brazil) Beware this brazilian cutie bites ! No, probably not, but her fierce look isn't easy to get out of your head. And, after all, who would like to get rid of her picture ? We wouldn't.Coming from the same mother agency as Alice Langeani, Luana Teifke or our recent crush Thiane Suzin, Janini is arriving on the scene with a seriously stunning book. Here are the best bits if they're not all equally striking. Check her complete book to be sure to get bitten.
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