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Here she goes again

   Julia Shvets @ iCasting (Russia), Joy Models (Milan), Nathalie (Paris) We've just discovered this magazine, Nico. It's only their second issue and we're really excited about a third one if they keep it this way or even increase the number of fashion stories like this one above... with Julia Shvets. Julia has been one of our biggest red-haired crushes of 2007 and since we featured her for the first time, she's signed with Joy Milan and walked in Paris for designers like Veronique Leroy or Issey Miyake. The selective... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Shannon !

  Shannon Pallay @ New York Models It's the fantastic shape of her lovely face that captured our attention the first time we saw her among the editorial girls from New York Models. We've got the feeling she's not the kind of girl that breaks our heart before going away and leaving us hungry for more pictures like these four ones above. If the intesity of her eyes are telling the truth, we should see her portfolio blossoming with some others of this kind we cherish so much.
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Kika Rose

Kika Rose Ridley @ Major (Paris), Models1 (London) Her name is intriguing, like a little poem. Her face is just what you could imagine from the cuteness of her name. Her work is simply incredible. After an editorial in last month's Jalouse, Kika Rose strikes back in current Biba, another french magazine giving many opportunities to new faces. And brings some poetry on the beach.
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The world is their home

  Sana Soegaard Belal, now @ Joy Models (Milan) We love this little cutie and we're not the only ones. After being signed with Ford in NY and Next Paris, it was big time for her to find her home in Milan as well. It's done and she's now with Joy. We love her and love is still growing. Faster and faster, higher than ever.
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Meet Iidaliisa !

Iidaliisa @ Brand Model Management (Finland) Our new redhead love, from Finland. She's fresh looking and her name is to fall for, so musical. Adding another little touch of magic to her incredible appeal. But beware. She's not alone. The latest addition at Brand Models are more thrilling than ever. Count new faces like Iina, Sara or Laura among this months' most incredible newcomers.
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The Diesel shoes are back again

     Katya Shun @ New York Models It's not often that we decide to put so many pictures in the same post, especially when they're all from the same set of digitals. But in Katya's case it was pretty much impossible no to do it. If her recent shots by James Mahon or Chadwick Tyler are among the very best tests we've seen this season, her real strength is probably the way she brings so much personality in simple digitals or polaroids. We love her shirt and we're so mad about jackets like this one. Always... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Nicole !

Nicole Van Maanen @ Ulla Models (The Netherlands), Joy Models (Milan) Meet the newest dutch model to make her way in Milan. Nicole just signed with Joy Models and comes from Ulla Models in Amsterdam where we have a few other favorites with fancy names like Vicky (the redhead from Jan Taminiau in january) or Phylicia. Nicole is pure versatility. Classic, dramatic, excentric, all depends of which role you want her to play. Exciting perspectives for her development...
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The most mysterious and highly surprisinig

  Myf, now @ Next (NY) It wasn't so long ago. A mysterious new face appeared at Chic Management, Australia. With a mysterious name in three letters. Myf started her career between the sweet mystery all around her name and the thrilling potential of her face. Let's say of her eyes. And expressions. It didn't last very long until she finally appeared on Sydney's runways, taking the fashion week by storm then it took even less time to see her signed in NY. With Next. The question is now... what's next ? We're sure Myf will... [Lire la suite]
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In her eyes

Brittany Woodward @ Trump Model Management (NY) Big, beautiful and brown. It's all about Brittany's eyes, it brings her some intensity yet she never loses this youthful, light and vivid vibe that immediately shines from her tests. Add her long legs (destination infinity), that kind of hairdo we've so in love with and a fantastic dramatic way to pose (on test shots). Try the impossible.
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  Elianne Smit @ Wilma Wakker (The Netherlands), Viva (Paris), DNA (NY) Love me tender is the title of this story from current TUSH by Armin Morbach with Yasmin Heinz as make-up artists. And it's so true that our love for Elianne is quite tender. As sweet as the light in this editorial yet deep as the intensity of her eyes. She holds that daisy like nobody else.
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