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Mim @ M&P Models (London) It is impossible to sit down. Even for five seconds. The whole world is a cactus and cacti are everywhere. It's not only one of our favorite french song, it's also our way of life. Can't stop, can't sit, can't sleep. Whatever. Mim would have left us sleepless anyway. We love the energy, the vivid attitude and we always fall for models with hairdos that look made for them. The cut, the color. Her latest digitals from London are breathtaking and she doesn't even seem to be afraid of the cactus behind... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Daniela !

 Daniela Witt @ Ming Management (Brazil) Probably the most intriguing of the highly exciting new faces team at Ming Management. And what you can learn on their blog about her is probably as much intriguing and interesting as Daniela, 14, didn't really thought about being a model before she started and... started to enjoy it. Actually, the story of many girls we've met. Witty.
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Catharsis through catastrophe

Cate Chant @ New York Models, d'Management (Milan) The question is to know what's the best of Cate. Her eyes or her chin ? No answer in her new tests by Hammish Kippen (but a good reason to take a closer look at his work, we already know him for shooting Simona McIntyre or Lisa Porter among others). Luckily. The best of Cate is probably somewhere in between the unique shape of her face and the fierceness of her gaze. More than all and more than ever, the best is always the unexpected.
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Trust her pretty face

    Kayleigh Hancock @ Trump Model Management (NY) We discovered her quite recently and she's already in NY now. A couple of weeks ago, all the material we've seen at that time was a dozen of polaroids from Michael Hooker's international placement agency (remember Katie Braatvedt or Amy Tappenden, expect more to come) in New Zealand. She was already striking with her intense eyes (beautifully shaped), delicate freckles and slightly curly hair. With a delightful and impish little smile or looking almost serious, her... [Lire la suite]
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Anuta's got another secret (part 2)

Anuta @ Avant Models (Russia) Her polaroids was among the most striking we've seen lately. Showing up her sweetness as much as the spectacular mix of exceptional features. Anuta could have been a serious stunner only based on these two polas. She doesn't only have one secret, she's got two. She's not only the most remarkable face of the numerous newcomers we've noticed these last months, she's also on the top of her crop when it comes to posing in from of the camera. A real chameleon, from the little ballerina-look to the 80's... [Lire la suite]
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Kitten and kitchen: kitties go kitsch

   Siri Tollerod @ Joy Models (Milan), Trump Model Management (NY) Miles Aldridge isn't among our favorite photographer for no reasons, no blind love in this case. We're always thankful to him to keep the real and beautiful kitsch alive. The colorful, dramatic, poetic kitsch full of useless details that make the pictures even much stronger. Pictures as pictures. Kitties are stranded between dreams and nightmares, Siri Tollerod is the perfect character crossing this unreal world of old furniture and wallpapers without... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sabina !

  Sabina @ PH Models (Czech Republic) So fresh and much expressive is the latest new face at PH Models, Sabina. She certainly already knows how to pose and seems ready to rock. At least she's able to leave us with a few great expectations after we've seen her first pictures. Some people would call it energy, some other would simply say potential. We say we love her.
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Couture cutie

Bianca O'Brien @ Muse (NY) The graceful Bianca is ready for a new chapter in her career, signing with Muse in NY. No doubt the sensational strawberry-blonde will fit their very selective, always more intriguing team of models which includes no less than Camille Yi, Ol'ha Honchar, Heidi Rock, Danguole Stancikaite, Georgie Baddiel or Masha Korableva just to name our personal favorites. Bianca's very own personality, full of life with a real sense of style - and humor - will perfectly match Muse's current mood. It's like Couture was... [Lire la suite]
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Anuta's got a secret (part 1)

Anuta @ Avant Models (Russia) How can such a combination of extreme features be so sweet and cute ? What's behind the magic of this face ? What's the secret ? If there is one, it's probably the best kept secret in the world. But there is probably much more to tell about Anuta. The polaroids are striking ? Stunning ? Yes, they are. She literally catches the eyes, give its meaning to eye-catching. Anuta's got a secret and another one on the way. More to come. Keep your eyes open and ready to be caught.
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Meet Ania !

    Ania @ Rebel Models (Poland) She was exactly the one who was missing to our redhead series. Now she's here. Ania, the latest addition to Rebel Models new faces board (already filled with some favorites like Zosia, Agata, Kornelia or Marysia and also Kasia Kniola's mother agency) is purely stunning. She's maybe not the tallest girl around but is height that much important when you're able to show this wonderful expression on first tests ? Five pictures to answer.
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