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Meet Sabina !

  Sabina @ PH Models (Czech Republic) So fresh and much expressive is the latest new face at PH Models, Sabina. She certainly already knows how to pose and seems ready to rock. At least she's able to leave us with a few great expectations after we've seen her first pictures. Some people would call it energy, some other would simply say potential. We say we love her.
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Couture cutie

Bianca O'Brien @ Muse (NY) The graceful Bianca is ready for a new chapter in her career, signing with Muse in NY. No doubt the sensational strawberry-blonde will fit their very selective, always more intriguing team of models which includes no less than Camille Yi, Ol'ha Honchar, Heidi Rock, Danguole Stancikaite, Georgie Baddiel or Masha Korableva just to name our personal favorites. Bianca's very own personality, full of life with a real sense of style - and humor - will perfectly match Muse's current mood. It's like Couture was... [Lire la suite]
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Anuta's got a secret (part 1)

Anuta @ Avant Models (Russia) How can such a combination of extreme features be so sweet and cute ? What's behind the magic of this face ? What's the secret ? If there is one, it's probably the best kept secret in the world. But there is probably much more to tell about Anuta. The polaroids are striking ? Stunning ? Yes, they are. She literally catches the eyes, give its meaning to eye-catching. Anuta's got a secret and another one on the way. More to come. Keep your eyes open and ready to be caught.
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Meet Ania !

    Ania @ Rebel Models (Poland) She was exactly the one who was missing to our redhead series. Now she's here. Ania, the latest addition to Rebel Models new faces board (already filled with some favorites like Zosia, Agata, Kornelia or Marysia and also Kasia Kniola's mother agency) is purely stunning. She's maybe not the tallest girl around but is height that much important when you're able to show this wonderful expression on first tests ? Five pictures to answer.
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Agency of the Week #16

Agnieszka Charlotte Doriana Marta Paula Back to our weekly agency profile after two weeks without any news on this front. Today we're focused on the polish agencies Model+ who's known as the mother agency of Marcelina Sowa, Ania Trubalska or Zuzanna Krzatala. Or maybe shall we start with Malgosia Bela ? Whatever where you start. And there is an even newer and fresher generation there that is probably able to follow these famous names in their footsteps. A very selective group of new faces with much personality.... [Lire la suite]
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Misunderstanding can breed love

   Danijela Dimitrovska in current Mixte The first time we met Danijela was in Paris. Excepted that it wasn't her. Bizarre, bizarre. We've met a girl in a café and asked for her name as we had the impression we've already seen her somewhere. Her polaroids, maybe her showcard. Everything went so quickly, she was in a rush. We too. We've been thinking it was Danijela until the pictures came back to us and showed it was actually... Daniela. Daniela Mirzac. This is completely odd but it's probably because of this little... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Maija !

  Maija @ Paparazzi Model Management (Finland) One of the most promising girls among a whole team of striking new faces. She appeared recently on Paparazzi's database yet we didn't find the kind of pictures we like to use for an introduction. Especially with a strong girl like Maija. She's just added a couple of new pictures these days and we picked the four ones we thought are the best to show her potential. But we guess there will be more to come, she isn't the kind that takes four good pictures then disappears.
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Meet Alina !

  Alina Ismailova @ IQ Models (Russia) She's the latest addition to IQ's strong new faces board and she could easily follow Inna Pilipenko or Anastasia Krivosheeva in their footsteps. If she's not exactly the most original face you could find today, her measurements and incredible presence (for her first tests) have all it takes to launch her the very best way. She knows how to pose and how to move. Plus, she's got these intriguing, captivating and expressive eyes that always help to make a good picture. Whatever happens.... [Lire la suite]
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Bangs and beyond

Camille Yi, now @ First Model Management (London)
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 Katya Shun @ New York Models Last time we posted some pictures of Katya, we had so much to tell. Maybe we went off-topic but, after all, everything we do is all about being a little off-topic. Seeing what's behind and beyond. Now that's just two new pictures of Katya. Two by the one and only Chadwick Tyler. It's maybe off-topic again but the greatest about her is probably the unique way she holds her head. All is in her attitude, even beyond her look and we all know how special is her look. Seems that Chadwick has fallen in... [Lire la suite]
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