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Dasha Malygina @ Uno (Barcelona) A singer in a smoky room, smelling wine and cheap perfume... There's no real reason to that but Dasha always reminds us of some lyrics, various lyrics. Soundtacks and movie scenes. From Le plus beau du quartier to the streetlight people stories in Don't stop believing, performed by Journey. Malygina is like the unfinished melody of the fashion world. Easy come, easy go. From Mixte to Miu Miu then back in Amica. From Vogue Russia to Leroy then... who knows. Is there a suitable ending ? Maybe not.... [Lire la suite]
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Bus stop story

    Kristine Vahtramae @ MJ Models (Estonia), First Model Management (London) Among the very best and the most promising faces both at her mother agency in Estonia and at First Model Management in London, Kristine's magical features and great presence in front of the camera were already her strength on the first tests we've seen. It was a little while ago. New pictures are now completing her book, among them this story, this "Bus Stop" story by Petros Koublis, published online in C-Heads magazine.
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      Madeleine Russell @ IMG (NY), Red Eleven Models (New Zealand) You might have noticed her polaroids sheet on casting director Douglas Perrett's blog (COACD) when he introduced her a few weeks ago. Freshly signed with IMG, she's already adding some first class pictures to her book, replacing some promising polas by a solid new crop of tests. We love the way it goes... and there are some details that allow us to expect more soon.
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Meet Stephanie !

 Stephanie Rudyk @ Sutherland Models (Canada) Canada hasn't only been a wonderful and endless source of models, it's also the home country of many redhead models. From Quinn Cooper a few seasons ago to the future faces at Supreme and New York Models, Emily Fox and Samantha Ypma, from the runway and editorial appeal of Erica McDonald to the magic of the tiny Lisa Porter, the list is long and we might forget a few names. Like Claire Oleson or Grace Cairns... But right now, let's focuse on the latest, the most exciting new... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Maja !

 Maja @ Midikenn (Croatia) She appeared just a few days after we featured Midikenn as our agency of the week and we immediately noticed some incredible potential. Her impressive cheekbones and expressive eyes combined to her height of 5'9 were no strangers to our decision to post an entry on her, sooner or later, yet the real reason is maybe hard to explain. As always. We almost never have enough words to describe what makes a model become one of our favorites.
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Eyes wide open

 Masha Tyelna @ Women Management Deutsch #32, recently released in bookstores, features the cutest combo of the fashion industry: Viktoriya Sasonkina and Masha Tyelna. Viktoriya is in the editorial a few posts below and Masha's just there in her beauty story, by Tony Kim. We love the styling... and the title. Eyes wide open.
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 Olga Sherer @ One (NY) everyday. We're always thinking about a big, big redhead issue but as we already wrote it in a previous post, it's really hard to make a complete issue with all the new faces, all the new editorials. All the news and the day after we see something fresher. A new faces out of nowhere. A new editorial or simply new tests or polas. Like Tanya Chubko's newest polaroids, like Sof'ya the new red sensation at Lilas Models, like this new beauty story from Numéro 93. Olga Sherer by Alix Malka. We thought it... [Lire la suite]
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Behind the clouds

 Karmen Pedaru @ Next We just talked about development. And how long it could take to build a correct portfolio, how long it could be to see a model reaching a better spot. For various reasons. Some careers are starting off faster as you would have thought, some others just much slower as you could expect. Numerous parameters.Karmen Pedaru is striking and has always been but her career wasn't as fast as let's say Karlie Kloss who shares this editorial (from Numéro, by Greg Kadel) with her and... Abbey-Lee Kershaw and Georgina... [Lire la suite]
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Olivia Richard @ New York Models We thought she's one of the most promising redheads right now and we're going to follow her development as close as possible. Dark-copper haired Olivia's latest test shots are adding their pieces to her portfolio puzzle. The greatest books are often the result of some new additions of tests, step by step. We recently talked about that with someone from the new faces department of an agency and agreed that development is far more than just throwing a polaroids sheet or a set of tests shots on the... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Helene !

  Helene @ Team Models (Norway) We were talking with our friend Michael from The Fresh Face this morning and the main topic was redhead beauties from Norway, not only Helene but another brand new, strawberry blond stunner who's just in at Team Models. We've had Helene in mind for quite a couple of weeks and wanted to concentrate first on her. With these very light - almost invisible - eye-brows and an amazing tone of red, her look is quite special and the potential sounds endless. We can't wait for more test shots to see... [Lire la suite]
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