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New shore

Lakshmi Menon @ Nathalie, Natalia Siodmak @ Next and Lee Hyun @ Major We've already featured the "Ones" from this editorial as well as Anastasia Kuznetsova's part. We thought the whole story was much interesting and the casting simply perfect. With the f/w 08-09 stunner Lee Hyun, the very busy Natalia Siodmak (she rocked Jalouse and much, much more) and the still too rare and so precious Lakshmi Menon. Obviously one of the most exciting multi-girls editorial this months. But beware, Mixte should be out today and we... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Veronika !

Veronika Kolesnikova @ iCasting (Russia) So fresh, so new. So refreshing and already very playful in front of the camera for her very first pictures, young Veronika from Russia is our latest discovery. Look how she's looking at you !
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Une jeune fille en fleur (Edita's blossoming)

Edita Vilkeviciute @ Viva (Paris) From her very first editorial for Vogue Italia's model supplement to her most recent editorials, we've been following Edita step by step, and almost saw her climax in Paris s/s 08 live - from MiuMiu to Vuitton the last sunday of the fashion week. It was the exact moment we discovered the secret behind the incredible rise of one our (numerous...) lithuanian favorites: beyond the subtle image of both classic vibe and unique features, we've seen the energy. Fresh and friendly, amazing every second.... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anastasia !

Anastasia Kuznetsova @ Next (NY) Another red alert and the red fever is rising again. Next step on the red thread: Anastasia, one of the recent stunner at Next. We had the chance to meet her in Paris, lovely walk and very delicate shade of red. Brownish red, subtle touch. We thought it was big time to make another entry on her as she's featured in "Nouvelle Vague" in this month's L'Officiel Paris. The graceful girl from the catwalks also knows how to pose.
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Sunburst, sunburn

New Numéro is out. The best issue we've seen (and bought) for a while. Leading the casting, Aline Weber. The sensational Brazilian who opened Balenciaga this season is now translating all her poweful potential into an editorial wave. Beginning with this striking story by Laurie Bartley, brows bleached and sun-tanned. Aline Weber @ One (NY)
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The Ones in L'Officiel

Anna Kuchkina @ One (NY) Claudia Seiler @ One (NY) Alex Sandor @ One (NY) Just after launching their wonderful new website, three "Ones" are taking L'Officiel by storm in a gorgeous editorial called "Nouvelle Vague" and shot by Jon Compson. We love our doll Anna, the stunning and captivating Claudia and are just smitten by Alex Sandor as a bunny. More to come from this editorial later. But today.
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Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Iconic Management (Germany) Cute as a button and well known for the most expressive backstage poses or faces of the season, Viktoriya Sasonkina has an eponymous editorial in the current issue of Deutsch. We knew this mag for its interesting interviews and very selective choices of models (Ilona Kuodiene, Anna Barsukova, Katerina Smutok, Sona Matufkova...and this issue also features Solange Wilvert). We've bought several issues but this one will definitely be a milestone in our magazines collection. For sure,... [Lire la suite]
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Rear window

  Alek Alexeyeva @ Select (London), Next (NY), Next (Paris) She's the kind of models that takes some time before to make it big. Step by step, steps being editorials for magazines like Dedicate, Elle Italia or Wig. She has already played many roles for some very different fashion stories proving that, if she's not totally a chameleon, she has a very strong and very personal ability to fit various atmosphere or to embody a wide range of characters.
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  Ilvie Wittek @ Viva (Paris) Left, right. Left, right. Ilvie is gazing everywhere, is going everywhere. Taking every possible direction, perfectly pictured in her editorial for Amica. Ilvie's conquest, after some brilliant work in magazines like Indie and Tank, both very picky and daring in their castings. And there should be more to come. Soon. Sooner than ever now as she's signed worldwide and building up a strong portfolio. Moving forward. Like on a highway. Looking left and right.
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Meet Edna !

   Edna Iordache @ Yes Model Management (Romania) Every day is a new day. This has never been so true. New day, new faces, new energy. Things are going too fast ? Don't know, have no clue and maybe don't want to know or don't care. What will be fast from one point of view, won't be as fast from another. If all these new girls were coming from the same agency... they would probably get drowned into the flow but they're all from different part of the whole world, from hundreds of agencies. All have their own goals and... [Lire la suite]
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