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Stay with you together (pleonastic love)

  Donna & Gwen Loos @ Wilma Wakker Model Management (The Netherlands)Aimee & Morgan Hurst @ Chic Management (Australia) We're in trouble seeing double. Sisters, twins... two of a kind. Twin models have never been as exciting as most of these incredible duets have much more to offer than just the twin factor. Gorban sisters, Ira and Ksenia, from Siberia have already shown how much worthy are the slight differences between them (yes, there's something a tad more willowy in Ksenia's look). And this is probably even... [Lire la suite]

Press review !

      Sasha @ Angels Models (Paris) Fresh news and fresh news again, and late releases as well. At least something to check out in the bookstores today. New french magazines of course plus Velvet (love this issue), Marie-Claire (Spanish, UK and US), Elle Italia. The latter has some nice features yet we won't consider them as really enough for a mag like this which has already had some much better issues. Count Irina Zender in this one. And Alison Nix in her ad campaign for Shiseido. Kate Netolicka has an editorial in... [Lire la suite]
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Bara, barefoot

Bara Holotova @ Models Only (Czech Republic), IMG (Paris), IMG (Milan), Union Models (London) We love her raw on her polas, we love her with raw styling too. Bara is just the perfect girl to model this editorial. And there's no better way to picture her than with these lonely trousers and impersonal sunglasses. With that deliciously scruffy hair and the impression the glasses were just made for her jawline like the hole is made to match some denim's perfection (and bring it beyond). Denatured perfection goes beyond perfection and... [Lire la suite]
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Polka Dots (Meet Egle !)

Egle @ PMST We could go on forever with the new faces from PMST. Yesterday we've been speechless when we saw their latest discovery, Via, and today Egle's new set of test shots were totally electrifying. Love at first sight, falling for the polkadots. Just the right way to highlight her expression, to put more emphasis on her youthful and impish look. We should pipe up for more polkadots in polaroids but these ones were some impressive we just... piped down.
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The sun will shine

 Elsa Sylvan @ Mikas (Sweden), Viva (Paris), DNA (NY) Summer is sooner that you would guess looking through the window. The sky is grey but the wind is warm. We don't know why... there's such a summery vibe in Elsa Sylvan. In her look and probably in the editorials she's done so far. From our beloved - and obviously summery - story from Dealer de Luxe to her more recent work for Numéro, Perfect and Tank (above) there's something sweet as a summer breeze. It's maybe her features which appeal to a certain type of styling using... [Lire la suite]
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It's monday evening, Tuesday is coming

  Tuesday Chutter @ Liz Bell Agency Waiting until tomorrow morning ? Would have been an idea... "Meet Tuesday on a tuesday morning". But we couldn't wait. Tuesday is so special, not only for her beautiful name. After featuring her among the other newcomers from Liz Bell in our Agency of the Week entry, we felt we needed more of the most unique girl they've ever had. And they mostly have unique ones. That's why it was just impossible to wait until tuesday to say how much we love Tuesday. It's monday evening, Tuesday is... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Lelde (again) !

   Lelde @ 2B Models (Latvia) We had an eye on Lelde since she appeared at 2B Models. Her first tests were already showing she could have some huge potential. The second round just shows it clearly. Six new tests, a new image and new perspectives for the young Latvian. Fierce look. Ready for Paris.
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Meet Via !

   Via @ PMST (Czech Republic) "Oh my God. What is that. A new baby from PMST. Via a new name for fashion sense." This is the way she was introduced by PMST's website yesterday. And we couldn't agree more. She's eye-catching. Just need a second to convince. Via has the power of her cuteness, the appeal of some unique features and the bonus of a short, magical name. We adore the new baby.
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Press review !

Exciting news from the bookstores. New Please, new Amica and new L'Officiel Paris. All were extra, all full of thrilling faces. Starting with the cover-girl on Please, Georgia Steed. We always love a redhead cover, like this issue of french Playboy featuring Anna Arendshorst or the latest Vogue Paris... Julianne Moore looks awesome, the styling is wonderful, the kind of issue - or at least cover, haven't been really thrilled by the contents so far - of Vogue Paris. Please is just one of the most refreshing magazines available here.... [Lire la suite]
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It sounds so good (and she looks brilliant)

   Megan @ Red Model Management (NY) It hurts a lot. To know what we've missed not going to Lutz f/w 08-09 during the latest fashion week in Paris. But it would hurt harder to ignore Megan or not to know the casting there counted two amazing redheads. Megan of course and the too rare Sofie Roelens which still does well for some magazines like the latest issue of WAD. Megan's strengths, besides the fact we love redheads, are probably the marvelous and delicate shape of her eyes which totally balance an impressive bone... [Lire la suite]
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