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Meet Inna !

  Inna Nechyporenko @ Next (Paris) Sweet Inna has a beautiful jawline and feline eyes that may be difficult to forget. Totally following the current mood at Next Paris which includes girls like Alisa Frolkina or Anastasia Kuznetsova, she will even strenghten it and we see her as one of the most impressive additions to their board. Her innocent (a still slightly and delightfully awkward) way to pose could make her look as a cute newbie or could turn into a future trademark. It's not really a problem for us, we've always... [Lire la suite]
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   Vilita Bitvinskyte @ Ford (NY) Vilita was our personal favorite from all the contestants at the most recent Ford Supermodel of the World. No need to say how glad we were once we saw they signed her and are currently involved in her development, taking care of building her a rock-solid portfolio that truly allows us to keep our enthusiam and expectations. Hiring one of our favorite photographers in New York, Karl Rothenberger (also check out his blog and be sure not to overlook this shot of Martina Correa pictured -... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Anthea !

 Anthea Page @ Chic Management (Australia) We're in love with her fresh face, picturing the perfect balance between a cutie like Skye Stracke and the more melancholic appeal of Alyona Osmanova. Halfway between the little sweetie and the epitome of a "Supreme girl". Anthea is captivating. For sure the fact she could easily embody the best of both worlds helps a lot yet her freshness is very much of her own and after five minutes only we knew she was the one for today.
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Agencies of the week #13 & 14

We had planned to feature Midikenn Model Management last week but unfortunately had to skip... It was worth waiting, though. One of our favorite girls from their eye-catching new faces board is signed with Profile Model Management in London which we wanted to feature this week. Well, the final plans are even better as we're really enjoy a double post with two agencies sharing the same visions. Midikenn's impressive new girls haven't stop pouring on their website reaching an extraordinary level and it just allows us to raise our own... [Lire la suite]
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Heidi Rock(s)

 Heidi Rock @ Muse (NY) What we love the most about Heidi ? Cuteness ? Delicate features ? Curly hair ? All that, for sure but first of all there is something quite strong in her attitude. In the "how to work out that hairdo", in the way she poses and the way she walks. Walks on the runway or walk down the street. With grey shoes you can't not notice and a yellow coat to protect her from (imaginary?) rain. Could be called a total look but whatever. What's just striking is that she doesn't look as if she tried too hard.... [Lire la suite]
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Ultimate (do what you want, be what you are)

   Vic Willenpart @ Pink Models Management (Argentina) Vic appeared to us a few times ago as our short-haired angel (meet Vic!), creating an endless excitement for her sharp features and intense (yet very sweet) gaze. And freckles, of course. We saw possibilities, not limits, in that very special-looking model totally renewing the word "edgy" for us. It was too much linked to everything trendy and almost lost its proper definition. Vic simply has brought it back to how we understood it first: something... [Lire la suite]
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Express, Expressions, Expressionism

Julie Strisland @ Joy Models (Milan) We've introduced Julie in our redhead series a few times ago, just astonished by her delicate features and perfect shade of strawberry blond. No need to say how impatient we were to see more, especially editorials. Our hopes quickly turned into expectations and these expectations are a dream come true today. If black and white pictures are not really the best way to capture the intensity of her hair, they don't prevent us from falling in love with Julie's dramatic expressions. And when you... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Jolka !

Jolka @ Rores Models (Poland) She has the kind of faces that makes the fashion world go round. The naturally striking beauty that doesn't need to try too hard to get noticed. Something sweet, something unforgettable. Something that makes you fall in love at first sight. It's the usual story but there's no déjà vu.
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You might have noticed this girl...

   Alex @ Image (Tokyo) Of course, Alex. Alex from AL Models, Alex who caught every eye and made everyone crazy before even appearing in any agency in the "major" fashion cities. Now signed with Image in Tokyo (just imagine the dream they have now, Alex + Kelli Lumi !) and ready to show more of an already stunning book, the girl "who looks like a painting" is writing her own story step by step. A mysterious story for the most mysterious model today.
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  Kelli Lumi @ Major (NY), Major (Paris), Image (Tokyo) Kelli Lumi did Felipe Oliveira Baptista in couture fashion week two months ago. We thought this was enough to expect a bright future for the cutest Estonian ever. Following Tiiu Kuik and Egle Tvirbuaite as the third beauty from the Baltics to reach a high level at Major, Kelli's achievements in the City of Lights hit their climax the last day when she opened Nina Ricci. And opening such a show certainly opens new doors. Currently in Japan to keep the editorials... [Lire la suite]
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