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  Kelli Lumi @ Major (NY), Major (Paris), Image (Tokyo) Kelli Lumi did Felipe Oliveira Baptista in couture fashion week two months ago. We thought this was enough to expect a bright future for the cutest Estonian ever. Following Tiiu Kuik and Egle Tvirbuaite as the third beauty from the Baltics to reach a high level at Major, Kelli's achievements in the City of Lights hit their climax the last day when she opened Nina Ricci. And opening such a show certainly opens new doors. Currently in Japan to keep the editorials... [Lire la suite]
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The Orphanage

 Megan McNierney @ Marilyn (NY) We love our latest issue of Double. And we love it for this marvelous editorial featuring Megan McNierney. Actually we love Megan. Love the sweetness, the shyness. The freckles. She's not eye-catching, she's not the one who will immediately stand out. She stands out by her editorial work, her personal way to play with this soft beauty that sometimes makes other models look too plain. This soft beauty without even being a tad impish neither looking like a porcelain doll. A bit child-like... [Lire la suite]
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Alice never stops !

Alice Langeani @ One Model Management (NY) Alice never stops. We never stop. And Owen Bruce doesn't seem to stop shooting great tests for the most promising models in NY today. The lovely Alice, featured here several times in a very short time shows once again how her strong and unforgettable features are brilliantly balance by her versatility and ability to match different photographers' inspirations. And it won't stop now. Never stops.
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Nathallia Krauchanka @ Next (NY) She makes our heart beat faster. And faster again. We've been wondering when we would see her signed in NY. It was big time. It's big bang now. She's with Next and will reach the Big Apple quite soon. Ready to turn one of the most promising book into a real marvel. We've just written about an "incredible new crop at Next". Seems our words weren't even strong enough. Nathallia is beyond incredible.
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We put led zeppelin on and she rocked out

  Anna Heaton @ First Model Management (London) Emergency ! Everything is rush. Everything is wild. And much exciting. Life is going as fast as it can and you're trying to fly. Catch a star at one mile high. And here you have Anna Heaton. Ready to land on the ground. Our little star. Bright as bright can be. She looks shy but no one shines from her shyness like she does. Lives much room for everything unexpected. Pictures come and go, like the train she had to take right after these pictures were shot. We love the magical... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Kelsey !

Kelsey Van Mook @ Next (NY) At the top of the incredible new crop (Alisa Frolkina, Anastasia Kuznetsova, Arizona...and of course of redhead love Tessa Williams) recently added on Next NY's board, Kelsey already made some nice debuts in f/w 08-09. Castings known to be selective and quite daring sometimes: Brian Reyes or - a favorite of ours - Jeremy Laing. Count on Kelsey's natural beauty and easy attitude. She's very Next: very now and ready for a bright future. Exactly fitting this vibe we talked about in our previous article just... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Ave-Maarja !

  Ave-Maarja @ EMA (Estonia) So fresh and just in at EMA in Estonia, striking face with sharp features, Ave-Maarja caught our eyes with... the incredible shape of her eyes ! There's no big mystery in what makes the actual mystery. And no doubt there's something obviously mysterious in her way to capture all the attention around. Beware !
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Neverending is Neverending

Tessa Williams @ Next (NY) No lies, Tessa and us is a NEVERENDING STORY, we've already mentioned it in our previous entry dedicated to her dramatic sense of posing and natural attitude. The story continues with two sets of marvelous polaroids, getting deeper into Tessa's magical expressions. We love redheads. And we love to love a girl like her.
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How to start a Neverending Story

Tessa Williams @ Next (NY) Some models are "editorial" or "high fashion". Some models are simply "couture". Count Tessa among the last ones. We've already been totally smitten by the first pictures we've seen but now we can say how much we're in love with this young genius. A unique attitude: laid back, free-and-easy and in the same time so dramatic. Doesn't she look dangerously beautiful on these five new pictures ? More to come. Limitless love !
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Meet Aiste-Regina !

Aiste-Regina @ Baltic Model Management (Lithuania), Muse (NYC), Elite (Milan) She got noticed at some NY f/w 08-09 shows like Adam Lippes or Vivienne Tam as one of the most striking oustsider of the season. Who, after all, did really expect her to be such an eye-catcher at that place, at that time ? And also who didn't notice these incredible cheekbones, this magical jawline, pretty chin and gorgeous, intense eyes ? Looks like she's one of the new lady unforgettable of the fashion world. We'd like to see this magic in print, we... [Lire la suite]
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