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Siri Tollerod @ Joy Models (Milan) If you have the opportunity to meet Siri or, at least, to see how she walks and move, you'll probably understand the true reasons of her success. Not just a blond, cute girl with a tiny silhouette. Not just a model that makes the clothes look good on the catwalk. There is something very delicate yet almost odd in the way she moves, walks and... poses. That' what Venetia Scott brilliantly captured for her story in Vogue UK. The theme and the colors are probably nothing new yet for this... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Katya !

Katya @ AL Models Tomboy-ish with her natural look or glamourous with dark lipstick and carefully windswept hair, Katya is another sensational model among the latest additions at AL Models (see Asia, Alex...) to catch our eyes. We're in love with the contrast made by her wild haircut and her much sweeter yet very intense gaze. We often hear some models are "editorial" and Katya just explains us what it really means. Something we couldn't describe with words but a strong sensation and some enormous expectations of what she... [Lire la suite]
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Goodbye from London

Regina @ First Model Management (London) After making her mark in London this season showing up almost everywhere she needed to show, Regina's leaving today for Paris, writing another huge chapter of her incredible story there. We know how dramatic and charismatic she is, on runways as much as on pictures and her future is starting now with her last shots from London. Regina's attitude will, for sure, impress her new agency in France (currently refreshing their women board and... with this fantastic addition building up a... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Bruna !

  Bruna De Mattos @ Nass Model Management (Brazil) The story continues and another haunting brazilian girl is making her place among our favorite up-and-coming models. Bruna's got this charismatic look and natural allure that (more than) often make the difference, she has both the power of unique features and the uncanny appeal created by an easy and playful way to pose. Discover more HERE !
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Alice Langeani @ One Model Management (NY) Alice from Brazil. We're obsessed with Alice, obsessed with Brazil. Don't know why, tried to understand it yesterday night, spent a couple of hours talking and talking about it before finally falling asleep and dreaming of Russia. Life is funny and life is serious. Fun is serious in a certain way and even the sweetest obsession can be considered as a strong start of... some projects. Why not. Inspiration. Brazil has been inspiring us for more than a year now. Don't even know the exact... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Dani !

Dani T @ International Model Management (Canada) There are faces you love without being able to tell the reasons and faces you have thousand reasons to love. Dani probably belongs to the second ones, we've so much to say on her sharp features, delicate freckles, endlessly captivating eyes, poised expression, sporty attitude, sculptural profile... So much reasons to fall in love and in the end no precise one to outshine the others, it's the precise balance between all of them that makes her a very special model. We're not the... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Gara !

Gara Noel @ Joy Models (Milan) With love that look. Her thick brows, the delicate shape of her eyes and this pretty chin. When you put everything together you have the unique beauty of an untouched fresh face. Gara Noel - her real name is Gara Noelia Gutierriez Revuelta, almost as magical as her look - just signed in at Joy Models in Milan, joining their strong line-up of new faces where each one is one of a kind (see girls like Arina Demina, Julie Strisland and remember this name: Kira Glatzel). We've got the feeling this... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Julia !

Julia Khlystun @ Metropolitan Models (Paris) We're delighted by this discovery ! Strawberry blond sensation at Metropolitan Paris, Julia's got this strong-but-not-too-much look we appreciate and enough personality in her look to nab a little place among our must-see models of this week. She's modern in a modern way...
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Win the race

   Cate Chant @ d'Management (Milan), New York Model Management, Nathalie (Paris)and Chantale Nadeau Model Placement (Canada) You always need to handle this parameter: speed. Speed of sound or speed of light. Going faster and faster, reaching another level. Crossing the line. Being the first, the winner. But there is a question which remains over and over again. Need an answer, need to stop running for a couple of minutes to find it. What do you really want to win or... which race are you running, after all ? The... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Lauren-May !

Lauren-May @ Models1 (London) She's got the dark melancholic gaze and perfect touch of androgyny that were often the secret behind our biggest crushes and everlasting loves. Every model able to bring something new to this will stay for ever in our hearts and memories, will set new standads and change the way we look at a new generation. Devotion is delusion and when we say "all-time favorites" it's more likely due to their milestones status than to some blind eternal love. Our hearts are sensitive businessmen, they... [Lire la suite]
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