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Memories From The Future

      Mariya Markina @ Supreme (NY) Honestly, it is a hard task for us to write something on Mariya Markina. So many extreme memories left, so many pictures still in mind. Quite some unforgettable visions that we would had to shake to make it really clear. How should we start then? With a blast from the past then go full force on some kind of comeback topic? The questions raising at the moment are countless and the answers are late to come. Maybe we should allow you to have a look at the pictures and make your own... [Lire la suite]
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It Took Just One Look, And We Understood

        Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY) Brown eyes, brown hair with curly locks... could start our story with a basic description of her looks, could start now and go on forever with words or just stop now and let you admire these polaroids and first outtakes from her book. Could start where it started for her, Annabelle, one of the newest Women in town and a native newyorker, could give you numbers as well but intensity doesn't need numbers. Confusion always means high impression to us and if we have troubles... [Lire la suite]
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Dancing in a Danger Zone (Read On My Lips)

Daphne Groeneveld @ Bloom (The Netherlands), Union (London), Women (Milan) Daphne's rise since the first time we featured her has been so impressive that saying anything about it would sound like endless name-dropping. Putting her spot in Miu Miu's most recent ads (as a part of the flawless cast) next to these outtakes from a Vogue Paris spread (by Mert & Marcus, styled by Carine Roitfeld) makes more sense in our opinion and tells more than a detailed review of all the A-list jobs she got so far. Like a clear statement that... [Lire la suite]
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      Maaike Klaasen @ SPS (The Netherlands), Select (London) We saw it yesterday evening and immediately thought this is a must-blog of the summer and a kind of milestone in Maaike's career. Milestone is definitely the right word as it always leaves the idea of something else coming in a near future while being a remarkable achievement in itself. This leads us to another interesting fact as most of times when you think of achievement in modeling you've got names like Vogue or any other famous magazine or label in mind... [Lire la suite]
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Beyond Timezones, Against Timelines

Anna Mihailina @ Image Discovery Anna Mihailina at Image Discovery or a short lesson in one picture on how to look beautifully austere at the seaside. Light blond hair with a golden shade that would make her look quite classic if she hadn't her very own sullen expression to balance it in quite a peculiar way. And to contrast with the absolutely summery vibe of the landscape surrounding her, let's call it a little clash of atmospheres and that's exactly what woke up our interest in that new discovery of the eastern scouting ... [Lire la suite]
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        Isabeli Fontana @ Women (NY), Silent (Paris) We found the title on one this story's pages and found quite appropriate to pair it with our entry. Just looked-up again to the expression's possible meanings or the similar words you can find and one of those was freewheeling. Quite a brilliant parallel with what we may experience sometimes, often in some delightful way. And those kind of experimental pathes can lead us right back to the core, to the roots of the project that is FDIB. Going back to the core is... [Lire la suite]
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Oh Girls, They Wanna Have Fun!

    Lena Hardt @ AM Model Management (Germany) Happy rainy Monday everybody! Back from quite an inspired weekend and back with one of the only new faces we've introduced this Summer: Lena Hardt, the already highly talked-about newcomer from AM Model Management in Germany that seems to take her first steps quite seriously with this new batch of tests by Eva Baales. No place for hair-controversy, though, it is pure styling and Lena is already back to her brilliant everyday look that has caught so many eyes. If there is... [Lire la suite]
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Sign(s) Of The Times

Patricia Van Der Vliet and Ylonka Verheul @ New York Models (NY) We told you a few times ago about our feeling about some new aesthetic going on at New York Models (and/or Nathalie Paris). "Conceptual beauties that are easy to understand" or whatever we've called that new wave back then but one thing remains totally sure right now: this feeling of ours has only grown since the beginning of the year. No matter if you tell us about Patricia, Ylonka or Melissa, about Sigrid or some newcomer in development, the... [Lire la suite]
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Urban Dreams

  Ali Carr, Lauren Brown, Lia Serge, Emily Wake and Lisanne De Jong @ Elite (NY) Alley Cats or Cats' Alley? Hard to know how the actual title of this editorial from newest Dazed & Confused sounds better. Or more appropriate. What is the most important detail: how these girls melt into the beautiful rainy urban landscape or how their presence turns a familiar-looking place into some unknown wonderland. The real magic might be in between, in the interaction between the characters and the atmosphere they evolve in. In... [Lire la suite]

Tomorrow When All Things Are Shaping

Vanusa Savaris @ Nass (Brazil) Was quite a while ago, already. Not that much in real time but in fashion it's already a lot. Good things take time anyway, whatever they are and in any field. Good girls also take their time when it comes to development, the most precious ones often need to wait until the very best moment to enter the spotlights. Well-known story, after all and actually Vanusa isn't in the spotlights yet but on her way which makes her story more interesting for us. Just to refresh your minds (and ours by the same... [Lire la suite]
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