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Tokyo DIY

Karina @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Could be another story relating the latest facts in Karina's development process, could be another entry on Image Discovery's scouting skills. But this is one and a bit of both, after all, provided these pictures tell enough on how far Karina can go when you put her in "actual modeling situations" and then testify it took a good eye to find that one. But that's not the heart of our topic today. To make it short on the prosaic facts around this story, Karina has been working hard on her... [Lire la suite]
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Hey, Lena!

      Lena Hardt @ AM Model Management (Germany) It's quite an awesome feeling to be back on track, especially when it's for good reasons and this day would be complete without a brand new girl as the cherry on the top. Not going for new faces for the sake of having something new to show on FDIB, but always willing to be jump on the most exciting opportunities. So here we go and there she goes, Lena Hardt from the most intriguing and most precious German boutique at the moment: AM Model Management.     It's... [Lire la suite]
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Please Talk To Me

        Anna De Rijk @ Viva (Paris) Not really in the mood for overloaded backgrounds these days (rather plain white or concrete walls) but the superannuated vibe we got from these shots plus that kind of modern touch in small clothing details were a pleasure to look at. Though, it's not the vibe or the atmosphere that really caught our attention in this new story from Numéro (issue number 115, styled by Samuel François - pictures scanned by elsaskywalker @ Rather Anna's body language which... [Lire la suite]
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Bubble Stories

      Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Some days you wake up and can't avoid the truth, the need to be honest with yourself. Facing reality or some kind of, bad sides and good sides and everything in between. The other morning the first word that crossed our minds was promises. Yeah, you promised me. How many times we heard about "promising new faces" or whatever that could describe bright future and high hopes. Hope should always be around when some agent (may he be mother agent or even the star of worldwide booking... [Lire la suite]
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Get and Do Not Forget

        Isabelle Sauer @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Hello! Do not think we've been sleeping again even if FDIB looked a bit asleep for the last ten days. But that was July, we're in August already. Changing minds, changing moods, taking time to make this right. And looking forward to feeling new thrills come September. Basic story yet we didn't experience it in a basic way, well that's for later and let's just focus on our first girl of August: Ms. Isabelle Sauer from Modelwerk, Germany. That's already a long story... [Lire la suite]
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Happy Twilights

Ilse Suvaal @ ID Model Management (The Netherlands) Long time no feature on Ilse but our next one had to be epic or at least visually thrilling. Epic might not be the word yet but visually thrilling certainly fits for her latest work from New York, where she's signed with Trump now. Other agency, same good formula: Ilse's potential hasn't moved (or if it has, we'd rather say it's for the very best) and we are allowed to keep our initially high expectations when it comes to her career. If nobody can predict, we can still use our eyes... [Lire la suite]
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Hundred Percent

  Freja Beha Erichsen @ IMG (Paris) Not going to give detailed explanations on why there haven't been more updates these last seven days so let's just say Summer and being busy doesn't help releasing creativity when it comes to writing long articles. Also agencies are either already on holidays or looking forward to close their doors for a small vacation (the remaining ones are working hard and we're always here to work hand in hand with any of them). So, it's not going to be a brand new face arriving out of nowhere who... [Lire la suite]
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Top Players

Playing Fashion issues N°1 to 5 It's official yet still playful, Playing Fashion plays monthly as the first magazine of its kind in Ukraine. Journalists, designers, photographers, stylists, models and undescribable artists with a vision are invited to play in that glossy open space where visual statement is the key word and almost nothing else matters. playing has never been so serious but still playful, taking a look at what it means to be an individual in a standardized society.So let's imagine a gorgeous glossy newspaper (well a... [Lire la suite]
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Back on Tracks

Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Summer = slower, somehow. But don't imagine we were on vacations till now, we had actually no hole in our schedule for more than a week. So, if indeed Summer is usually slighlty slower or less busy, slighltly more silent or less noisy, we're back on tracks and back for good. No clue on the rythm of the blog for the next six weeks but we're preparing a couple of very nice surprises. Summer special of usual stuff, if anything can be called usual in a modeling world that barely allows you to have habits for... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: A Carter Epic in New York

Natalie Keyser @ Elite (NY) Summer... holidays or extra work ? Good question and we are currently trying to find a suitable answer right now as we should be caught by that dilemma in one week when all the usual events of that time of the year will be over. Seems that Andrea Carter-Bowman didn't have to cope with this or seemed to go for the second options. The photographer who did some gorgeous pictures with our beloved Anastasiia (here and there) when she was in London is in New York right now, shooting with some of our current or... [Lire la suite]
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