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Playing Fashion issues N°1 to 5 It's official yet still playful, Playing Fashion plays monthly as the first magazine of its kind in Ukraine. Journalists, designers, photographers, stylists, models and undescribable artists with a vision are invited to play in that glossy open space where visual statement is the key word and almost nothing else matters. playing has never been so serious but still playful, taking a look at what it means to be an individual in a standardized society.So let's imagine a gorgeous glossy newspaper (well a... [Lire la suite]
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Back on Tracks

Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Summer = slower, somehow. But don't imagine we were on vacations till now, we had actually no hole in our schedule for more than a week. So, if indeed Summer is usually slighlty slower or less busy, slighltly more silent or less noisy, we're back on tracks and back for good. No clue on the rythm of the blog for the next six weeks but we're preparing a couple of very nice surprises. Summer special of usual stuff, if anything can be called usual in a modeling world that barely allows you to have habits for... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: A Carter Epic in New York

Natalie Keyser @ Elite (NY) Summer... holidays or extra work ? Good question and we are currently trying to find a suitable answer right now as we should be caught by that dilemma in one week when all the usual events of that time of the year will be over. Seems that Andrea Carter-Bowman didn't have to cope with this or seemed to go for the second options. The photographer who did some gorgeous pictures with our beloved Anastasiia (here and there) when she was in London is in New York right now, shooting with some of our current or... [Lire la suite]
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All Lights Are Green

        Katya @ Cherie Models (Russia) She might look sometimes as green as the third picture's background, she's got that slightly aristocratic allure that is certainly worth the skills of many experimented models. Not trying to raise any debate on innate talents vs. hard work to perfect your skills but if there is one reason to feature Katya at such an early stage in her career, it's exactly this precious little expression of hers and natural poise that no girl could invent, even with years of modeling behind... [Lire la suite]
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Ringside Seat

Valerija Kelava @ Next and Iselin Steiro @ Women Some models are literally propelled in the spotlights as soon as they arrive on stage. Either they are push by some unknown physical forces or they do really attract the light to never let it go. Some other models make their way in the shadows, either totally unaware of the lights next door or they couldn't care less and cherish their comfy darkness. Till the day has come to get out of dark, all of a sudden or step by step, depending on the model herself and what's surrounding... [Lire la suite]
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Are You Mad Enough

Patricia Van der Vliet @ New York Models (NY) There are days we miss our eighties, our childhood or what we think it looked like back then. When it wasn't that odd to be dressed like a bubble gum and when discount stores all had creepy names. The need to escape, you know. The emergency that would normally push you to run but sticks your feet on the ground. Can't move, not even wink. Working in a dark room because the sun shines too bright and summer is already getting on our nerves. Don't know if we want september to knock at our... [Lire la suite]
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Daylight's Darling

        Sveta @ Cherie Models (Russia) Do we have to say she's our biggest crush of these last few weeks (or even months) or can you guess it from her pictures ? We guess you've guessed but couldn't help ourselves and had to write it. There is something too intense in Sveta's gaze not to get caught by it. For anyone who has never experienced his eyes stuck on his screen, the feeling might be hard to describe but the others will easily know what it's like to stop all you were doing or even let your cup of coffee... [Lire la suite]
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Swing Steps

        Ieva Marija @ Premier (London) Freshly made polaroids (last Thursday to be correct) and currently on stay in London. Two tiny bits of sentence to describe the situation and explain why another feature on the lovely Ieva Marija. As if it would need any explanation but it's always nice to remember the context to understand the evolution of a model's career, may it be the first steps (or second steps for that matter). Launched on the international modeling scene by Joy Star System, from Latvia -- but you... [Lire la suite]
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    Viivi Kapanen @ Brand (Finland) Deep analysis or short into ? Long and detailed portrait or quick overview ? For the first question the answer would be short intro then to the second we'd neither details nor overview. Just two polas to get the point and it took us time to get that idea. Her book is strong and sophisticated and we could have picked, very easily, a palette of pictures to give an idea of what Viivi's talents are like. But we went for another option, something more "visual" if this happens... [Lire la suite]
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Woke Up Feeling Bloody Good

        Emily Wake @ Elite (Paris), Elite (NY) The title is a kind of pun, easy and the most refined trick we've ever used but behind the playful wording was an authentic feeling. No, we didn't wake up this morning feeling that good, rather tired if you ask and would love to know why. But the good thing about today is the good feeling towards Emily Wake. Hence the quirky title. Let's be honest, she wasn't our favorite from the package (Fall Winter 2010-2011 for that matter) and didn't really know how to consider... [Lire la suite]