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Portraits & Promises

    Elisa @ SPS (The Netherlands) Talking about "model countries" five minutes ago writing on a german girl, here are two from the Netherlands, a country that has been labeled "the new model eldorado" by many over the last few seasons. But keeping our point of the previous article, it's more a matter of strategy, philosophy or policy or call it how you want but it's up to the agencies first. Scouting skills and devoted development have more weight than geography even if it always sounds fancy to say one place is the next... [Lire la suite]
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Steady Motion

    Kat @ Iconic (Germany) Berlin Fashion Week is coming soon and most show packages have been released these days, many of them being actually huge lineups of models from famous names to first timers. From established agencies like Modelwerk or Mega to the newcomer of the season Cat Model Management, every agency (factory or boutique) has its own formula and aesthetic. As it's been a little while we haven't said a word Iconic Management, now based in Hamburg, we thought the upcoming even in Berlin could be an opportunity... [Lire la suite]
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Nina @ Profile (London) Nina caught our attention a few months ago when we saw some test pictures shot by the great Grant Thomas (London-based photographer that worked with a couple more favorites of ours). Did a small bookmark to keep track of her career correctly and kept her in mind for the day news will arrive. And news arrived yesterday when Profile Models announced she'll be among the new faces of the agency who will be working full time this Summer now that school is over (or about to be). Nina is 5'9 high and has this deep,... [Lire la suite]
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Tick the Right Box

  Herieth @ Angie's Models (Canada) We did a first feature on Herieth back in April, with some early materials from her mother agency Angie's Models in Ottawa, Ontario. Was a regular short introduction with the usual facts (14 and 5'11 tall) and our first impressions on her. First impressions were right and we got the confirmation last week when we learnt straight from her mother agent that Herieth is currently in New York. We said development might take time but some girls have what it takes to run slightly faster. Keep the... [Lire la suite]
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Lady of Ice

Chloe @ FM (London) After a detailed intro literally done a few hours after she arrived in town, a short update. Short yet intense, short as we can't say more than we already did and pictures are stronger than any of our best words, intense because you can't talk about anything else than intensity when you feature Chloe (first Nisch-girl to spread her wings) by Jessie Craig. Call them both dark romantics or don't call them anything at all and just enjoy the visual thrill, feel the heat when her eyes blows cold from her distant... [Lire la suite]
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Let the Music Play

Oana Timerman @ Mandarina Models (Romania) It's our "music day" today, don't know how to translate Fête de la Musique in English and don't even know if our sound goes beyond our borders. Well, we're not that much in a mood for celebrating, at least not feeling the idea of celebrating just because it's supposed to be so. We haven't listened to that music they play outside the rest of the year so why should we go out and dance right now ? Just like Christmas for anyone who doesn't belong to that religion or that... [Lire la suite]
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Situations Like These

      Cassi Lee @ Elite (NY) Stuck in America! And not for no good reason, and nothing was planned. We rely a lot on agencies' latest materials and photographers' inspirations then on our own eyes and taste, and our posts are just the results of all these parameters put together. Next one on our list this week comes from Chicago and appears to be another of Pulse Management's fabulous finds freshly arrived at Elite in New York. Cassi Lee or the epitome of the editorial girl among the new wave of classy/classical... [Lire la suite]
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Mackenzie Drazan @ Stars Model Management (USA) It seems we literally keep american-dreaming and our virtual trip just took us a little further to the West Coast, going from Salt Lake City yesterday to San Francisco today. Great models can come from everywhere in the world and we might have dutch days then russian rushes and so on. So, America is where our eyes (and heart) belong right now -- one looking at all these agencies located everywhere in the country and the other spying carefully what's going on in New York, already... [Lire la suite]
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Good Mood & Big Leap

      Felisa Wiley @ Ginny Edwards Development (USA) We first featured Felisa on FDIB in April of this year when the only materials she had were a few natural shots. Enough to spot some huge potential in this young lady but it also left us eagerly waiting for more. And when her latest pictures arrived at the end of last week, we couldn't not put her name on top of our to-do-list. Shot by Ginny herself (see more on Ginny Edwards Development's blog) with a gorgeous landscape as background and a relevant summery mood to... [Lire la suite]
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6 Months, 6 Nights

        Megija Kenina @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) You may not see any connection between Deimante and Megija, and even if there were none at all it wouldn't stop the modeling world from going on. And on, and on again. Only a few will immediately remember Megija too, made her first steps in front of Natalie Berzina's camera. But that's already quite a good little while ago and the landscape in New York's tiny agencies-world has dramatically changed since we first saw Megija Kenina in Riga, something like... [Lire la suite]
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