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Days Should Be Nights

    Tabea @ IMG (NY) Some days should rather be nights. Don't know how to explain it and have no real clue how to make this happen. Shall we just not get up on these warm mornings and only work from 8pm ? Suitable option, unfortunately didn't made this decision when the alarm clock rang today. This current heatwave won't kill our inspiration too, makes us slower of course but doesn't attack the core -- eyes and brains, only the overall speed decreased since last week. Strange atmopshere but great photography will always be... [Lire la suite]
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Very Veroni

        Veroni @ iD Model Management (The Netherlands) It was planned this way and, for once, we stuck to our initial plans which were featuring Miranda and Veroni at the beginning of this week. Classic beauties with a twist might be a well-known concept already and there is no real surprise in highlighting this again but it can be easily transformed and expressed in several different ways. Hence the idea of having Miranda's and Veroni's features back to back and that's the interesting part in talking about this... [Lire la suite]
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      Miranda @ Brand (Finland) Since Kirsi Pyrhonen appeared on the international modeling scene a few months ago, good eyes have started to look at Brand Model Management in Finland a bit more carefully (some of them already did but now it seems the destination is on every to-do-list during scouting trips). Though, anyone thinking Kirsi is a so-called overnight sensation is getting the information the wrong way. Of course, her story started fast and striked big almost since day one but it should never eclipse how... [Lire la suite]
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Amy (& Co.) by Amy

Amy, Maaike and Odile @ SPS (The Netherlands) Seeing the model as a creative has always been our point as modeling can be seen as a real performance in several different cases but this one goes far beyond the usual standards describing creativity and/or performers. Not only the three girls on this video were performing in such a natural way during the time required to record four full minutes of gorgeous movie scenes but also one of them actually shot it. Amy Post is the creative brain behind the project, both director and actress,... [Lire la suite]
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High Standards

        Christina Romanova @ AL Models Not even two weeks after introducing Irina, here comes Christina Romanova, newest discovery (from Russia again) by AL Models. She just turned 16 this month, looks as fresh and youthful as possible yet quite talented for someone just beginning. From her ethereal look on her digitials to the more elaborated performance of her first test (more playful or even more ethereal, actually), there is already more to see with Christina than just an unforgettable look. If today's... [Lire la suite]
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        Alex @ Next (Canada) Last week we had the opportunity to discover a new(ish) photographer, according to his own words. Matthew Burditt, working in Vancouver in Canada and who has recently worked with some of the most interesting models around, including Amy (from Liz Bell, who was featured on FDIB not so long ago) for his story called Catch the Light. The pieces that caught our attention were often those which relied on simple or even minimalist styling, studio work or natural atmospheres. Those where... [Lire la suite]
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Fake Friday

  Karlijn Alderliesten @ SPS (The Netherlands) Friday afternoon, time for new faces. There is no specific reason in that move except the mood, we're in such a mood for newbies at this exact minute. Had our Friday booze on Thursday eve so let's act as if we were Monday morning. If it has to be crazy, let's make it crazier. On a totally different note, far from our pre-weekend private jokes, Karlijn is making her first steps right now, carefully groomed by her mother agent from SPS Model Management in Amsterdam. If we had her... [Lire la suite]
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11 x 14

Talking about supporting our favorite photographers, here is another golden opportunity just a few days after featuring his work with Constance Jablonski for Grey Magazine. Here comes Chadwick Tyler again with one of his latest project, an exclusive yet affordable online sale of some photographs, first one on the list being Suvi Koponen (like you've rarely seen her, plus one photograph of Tyler Riggs). Then, Chadwick is going to pick a different set of prints each month for these limited edition sales. Check out all the details on... [Lire la suite]
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Rock Your Soul

Yesterday we said weekly and today it seems even daily, talking about the rythm of our posts dedicated to Jonathan Leder. But this has never stopped us, it never gets repetitive when the visuals are good and when the inspiration comes along. We never thought we would sound biased either, just being supportive of photographers we love as we love them for what they do and what their work does for us. Words just go by, almost straight from our minds to the screen via our fingers literally dancing on the keyboard. Let the music... [Lire la suite]
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Eyes Like Hers

      Chloe @ FM (London) Chloe arrived in London this morning, dropped by the agency and rushed to her first meeting, as simple as it sounds. Simple might not be the best word to describe Chloe's beauty, though. Sophisticated or ethereal would be much better definitions of her very peculiar look. Simple wouldn't fit for her personality either, inspired should do it better. Or passionate, for anyone knowing her involvement in modeling. Managed by Swedish boutique Nisch Management in Stockholm and recently signed with... [Lire la suite]
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