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Alicia Kuczman @ One (NY) Recreate: give a new life or energy to. Exactly what's going on right now with One Management's facebook page, back to life with major updates over the last few days going from Icons do it better to the Lil'Ones latest pieces. Or recreate: engage recreational activities rather than work. Would fit for Alicia on these pictures even if she's actually at work. Best thing is when it doesn't show up and she's already famous for being that natural kind of model who just is herself and does not play a role. She... [Lire la suite]
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She's That Stripe of Girl

      Val @ AM Model Management (Germany) Meet Val! Got some materials of this precious young lady at the end of last week and couldn't stop looking at these three. Simplest digitals ever, straight to the point: natural beauty and gorgeous profile. Enhanced by a minimalist yet efficient styling -- think of that lovely striped top matching the blond hair/dark eyebrows look -- her current portfolio might still be work in progress, the first results are much promising and you'll know soon what we're talking about. Right... [Lire la suite]
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Fleurance @ Vandemast Model Management (The Netherlands) Recently launched and working on a boutique-sized roster with an exclusive approach, Vandemast Model Management represents girls of various beauty-types (though the classical, timeless kind seems to dominate yet) who are at different stages in their careers from well-known names like Ymre Stiekema to much newer players like Fleurance. If it's always a big plus to mention the models who already reached a certain level in fashion, we keep believing that you get a more accurate... [Lire la suite]
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What Took Us So Long ?

      Arien Lopez @ Premier (London) Got her materials from Premier a while ago when she freshly signed with the agency but wonder what took us so long to drope a note on Arien Lopez. Maybe waiting for the best moment, best timing etc. Always subjective, as long as a model doesn't get some major editorial coverage. Though, we could consider the recent updates on Dominican Fashion Models blog as some interesting facts leading us to schedule our feature on Arien this week. Think of the flow of newcomers like Ambar,... [Lire la suite]
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Introducing: Herieth

      Herieth @ Angie's Models (Canada) Here comes Herieth, first face of the week and perfect way to start the day. She caught our eyes by chance a few days ago and her mother agency Angie's Models was one of the fastest to get back to us ever with Herieth's materials, first tests that might not get unnoticed for too long. Just starting, just 14 but already 5'11 (180) and certainly knowing how to use this huge potential of hers. So fresh yet so poised, already. Her book is work in progress and she's still unsigned... [Lire la suite]
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Miami Twice

  Shaughnessy @ Ford (Miami) Got a letter from Bradford Gregory yesterday with these gorgeous pictures of Shaughnessy (agree with him, beautiful name) and just found out he's got his interview online today on Digital Diamonds. Even if we collaborate with him on a regular basis for seasons already, there are still some details we didn't know about his work or inspirations, his story and his muses. To the question "Is there anyone recently who you’ve photographed that’s particularly impressed or surprised you?", his... [Lire la suite]
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Chillin' Out

        Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Modelwerk again ? Modelwerk, again. And we guess it won't stop as long as they keep updating us with such high quality materials or breaking news. Rather the first category today as there is no other information to spread than the pictures themselves. Quite relaxing if you ask and we actually seriously need to chill out a little bit. Was a busy week and we don't really need a busy weekend after this. All good, though. All for the best. We met Anne Peck last year (last... [Lire la suite]
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Melissa Tammerijn @ New York Models (NY), Nathalie (Paris), Union (London), d'management (Milan) This story makes the headlines wherever you'll find her on the Internet! New York Models is heavily blogging as always and naturally included Melissa's Vogue Italia story to their news, Nathalie's blog is on fire these days (also check out Lisanne's latest campaign featured there) and it's the latest post on Union's page after two sweet stories on Alla and Daphne Groeneveld. Makes so much noise at places we love that we couldn't not... [Lire la suite]

Modern Cabbage

  Laura Dauksyte @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Don't know if it's a well-known fact internationally or not, but in French we have the same word to say cute and cabbage. Chou for instance. Don't know if the same exists in other languages but thought of it several times lately for the most random reason: just love the sound and spelling of cabbage. So thought of a little trick going through a good old gallicism as we never mind some here. Just had to wait until the right girl knocked at the door, the cute one who could embody that... [Lire la suite]
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A Progressive Approach

Brings us back to Paris, last day before leaving and last meeting of the season. IMG is always on the top of our to-do-list when we're in town and development is always the heart of our conversations. Went through various topics around the main one and the most interesting part was certainly agencies blogs. What they do and what they should rather be. Communication rather promotion, staying true to the agency's aesthetic and vision. And guess what, that's exactly what IMG did a few weeks after we went back. Launching their... [Lire la suite]
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