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Easy Additions

      Iris Van Berne @ CODE Management (The Netherlands) With Easy Addition written in red fonts on the first page of her Harper's Bazaar story, we had a fantastic or at least suitable title ready-made for our entry as the recent works of Iris Van Berne from Tokyo are indeed easy additions to her portfolio. Easy for their classical style and highlighting the best of Iris -- classy and quite classic herself; additions as she worked a lot during her trip increasing both quality and number in a pretty smart way. We're not... [Lire la suite]
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Pole Proposition

    Karolina @ Model+ (Poland) The "mainboard-appeal" might be the next concept to consider. At time were new faces aren't picked for the sake of having the freshest, a new girl having what it takes to build a career leading her to the agency's mainboard within a couple of season is becoming the model of her moment. The place got too overcrowded after seeing a relentless flow of fresh faces arriving every season and lasting-power has everything to be today's and even tomorrow's key word. Models who have... [Lire la suite]
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The Newest Wave

Martine Schouten Hoogendijk @ Fresh (The Netherlands), Nathalie (Paris), New York Models (NY) -- video courtesy of Nathalie Paris Makes sense. A short movie portraying Martine, taken in Paris, where she talks about modeling and her favorite things in life. From places she likes to food she loves, from what fashion means to her to the last thing she does before going to bed. It makes a lot of topics but simply reveals a few charming details without unveiling everything, keeping the mystery alive while her career takes off. The perfect... [Lire la suite]
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Ginta Lapina @ Women Sorry for the lack of updates, we were busy these last few days redesigning the future for us and for some others. Cool goal yet busy times. But don't imagine us cluttered in our office, windows closed like in a bunker, as we had an exhibition opening in between -- vernissage with homemade punch does it better. As things are starting to shape up right now and surprises are on their way, we thought it was time for a break and go back to basics. Like Ginta for Vogue Italia, not a classic yet but almost. Ginta... [Lire la suite]
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The Alpha and The Omega

 Nancy Williams @ FM (London) We're quite happy with this new opportunity to drop a few words on Nancy Williams and quite glad about the total sync with the party thrown tonight by Centrefold Magazine where the pictures above are from. Shot by Ben Weller on a China Girl theme -- think of the song rather than the country -- we're in love with the simple fact it highlights Nancy the way she is, striking yet subtle. Sounds like easy-writing if you consider we only feature girls we think are striking or at least have everything to... [Lire la suite]
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Mighty Margarita

Margarita @ Cherie Model Management ( Finding new girls who will match the always tougher criterias of main fashion places is getting a bit harder everyday and to be really honest, a bit more exciting as well. Finding a girl that can work extremely well beyond the limits of these four main cities is even much more difficult as standards she has to meet are as different as they get numerous. And again it makes the quest a little more thrilling as well. So, what happens when we think we've found that pearl ? We... [Lire la suite]
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Unstoppable Child

        Fleur D'Hondt @ SPS (The Netherlands) You gotta stop that child says the title but we bet you won't do it. Too hard to stop when Fleur suddenly spread her wings in front of Anouk Morgan's camera and goes fully expressive from every angle. No matter how you feel when you see that story from Mirage magazine -- surprised ? amazed ? astonished ? -- there are certainly sides of her you never saw before even if you got a hint seeing her previous work with Anouk. Subtle faces and gazes going from innocent to... [Lire la suite]
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Here Ya Go

Hildie @ Specimen Model Management It's the kind of things that happens all the time, everyday and no matter what you're actually doing. At work or after, during our lunch break or shopping some magazines. At work the best example might be when we need to check something out, you actually do it then suddenly topic changes without notice and you see how complex it is to have a creative job because your creative mind is pretty complex. Period. We went to Specimen's blog to double check something about one of their girls, started... [Lire la suite]
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(Sur)Real Women

Nimue Smit and Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY) The opportunity was to tempting to let it go and every reason to feature both Nimue and Viktoriya is good to take. So good to take when the pictures are so good themselves. And they might be so good because you can't properly put them into one category or another. The visual thrill is a sure thing, the aesthetic is matching ours on every page but the name is hard to find. Editorial ? Advertising ? Candids ? Or just a pretty and fakely random mix of everything ? Anyway, these are from... [Lire la suite]
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On a Perfect Day

    Charlotte @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) On a perfect day with a perfect book. Spring all the way, sun and sweet weather. We got a mini-book with all of Charlotte's works to date but were busy in Paris at that time. Since we're back we had to take time (not easy) to review all we've missed during our trip and Charlotte surely deserved a complete entry for her alone. No less and you'll see why, in pictures. So, let's just drop a few words on who she is, where she's heading to and why we love her look that much. First of all, take... [Lire la suite]
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