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Sweetness, undercover

      Odile Coco @ SPS (The Netherlands) Velvet eyes and soft mood, sweetness in disguise behind strong features (that cheekbones-jawline combo!), quiet yet determinated gaze and lovely light-brown locks. The perfect portrait in three pictures. Odile Coco's development goes by and new materials keep popping up regularly. Currently handled by Marilyn Paris, her portfolio just saw a new addition raising its level again - new test by photographer Hugues Laurant who did a wonderful job capturing what we'd call Odile's... [Lire la suite]
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Easy, easy

        Lucia Jonova @ IMG (Paris, NY) We're just smitten by her free-and-easy attitude and strong presence (with those blue? green? grey? eyes). We're delightfully shocked by her evolution since the first time we featured her and her digitals from IMG Paris show a brand new Lucia, looking more confident than ever and who finally knows how to handle her huge potential. Just in time, we'd say as the slender Slovak (from Exit Model Management in Bratislava) is currently in NY and already caught some attention as her... [Lire la suite]
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Lil' Lili

    Lili J @ One (NY) Just arrived in New York as a last minute addition to One Management's board for the season, Lili J also arrived in our inbox two days ago with two pictures and... quite a stunning video. Seems we have to count with another Lil' One in town, little being a little exaggerated to for her 5'11 height by the way. Now you might ask yourself why is she so special, apart from her delicate features and why the rush to fly her in and feature her here right after. Maybe you'll get your answer by watching that... [Lire la suite]
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Hello Nelly

        Nelly @ Art-Podium (Ukraine) Taking a (short) break from shows and editorials to... take our time to drop a few words on Nelly from Art-Podium in Odessa, Ukraine. Redhead love going on, after all. Bright red, today. Our attention got caught by her bold hair color and daring hairdo, something we haven't seen often lately except maybe for Janete Friedrich and who reminds us of the glorious days of Tanya Chubko's copper bob in NYC or Andressa Fontana's major makeover in bright orange. That was a few... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Kristiina Wilson's Notpolas from today

Lucia Jonova and Julija Steponaviciute @ IMG (NY), Lela and Nathaline Marchett @ Wilhelmina (NY) It's quite showtime and we have to love polaroids and snapshots right now. Can't escape, can't run away from it. Though if castings for the shows are getting full-force coverage everywhere, the last set of polas that caught our eyes are actually for a magazine, taken by photographer Kristiina Wilson. The notpolas as she call them herself are lovely rectangles with wooden background and pale light that literally bites and ates the model... [Lire la suite]

In the Mix to the Max

    Barbara Palvin @ IMG (Paris) From sweet to acid to bitter to spicy. Using her sleek beauty from shade to shade, her doll features from angle to angle, Barbara Palvin offered us a unique fireworks of pictures this months. From L'Officiel to Jalouse, from the cover of the first to 20+ pages in the second. We're starting our trip in Barbara's world with our two picks from Jalouse's first story, Teddy Girl, shot by Paul Schmidt and style by Jennifer Eymere. From the heart of the 50's to next Summer, meet the new face who... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB :heart: Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin @ IMG (Paris) We love Barbara Pavlin and... she loves us, it seems, calling FDIB her favorite blog in her interview for Jalouse February 2010. The magazine features a new face in each issue, very often well picked but Barbara's case (in French: Le Cas Barbara) is quite special. Not just because we're so happy to read our blog is read by such a lovely and promising newbie. Barbara got two editorials in this issue, one more in L'Officiel and its cover. We must say it's not every month we see a girl getting so much... [Lire la suite]
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Three, two, ONE, fire.

  Debora Muller @ One (NY) and Amanda Laine (DNA) A few days to countdown but what countdown exactly ? Fashion week in New York or Vogue Italia in our favorite bookstore ? Both. But we still don't know which one we're waiting for (eagerly). Show packages we've seen so far have what it takes to get us enthusiastic about the newbies in town and first editorial preview of Vogue is pretty thrilling too (Jamie on the cover plus the story above, by Greg Lotus). Debora Muller is taking part of both, strengthening her editorial... [Lire la suite]
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The Film

Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Easy easy, slowly yet seriously,  Amy Post is on her way to become a 5'9 (176) busy bee. Step by step, no rush required to build a lovely portfolio. Only a neverending need for quality pictutres, including good polaroids. Amy's latest batch is pretty awesome and quite different from the way she's been pictured so far. Cute little thing getting wild, like a bittersweet pop melody and the childlike empress might get decadent, she'll always remain sweet somehow. Doll looks become really interesting... [Lire la suite]
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FDIB loves and bookmarks: Elite's Future Faces of the Day

  Svetlana Mukhina and Jasmine Yan @ Elite (NY) Wasn't planned at all on our daily schedule but our night-time online round-up brought us to Elite's blog. And we just couldn't resist, just had to spread the word and drop a few lines on the aesthetic currently going on there. We love agencies which dare to cross their own limits, explore unknown territories. It's sometimes as simple (and striking) as a few polaroid sheets. Plus the two girls recently featured on their blog are two FDIB favorites: both Svetlana (Eskimo girl we... [Lire la suite]
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