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        Sedene, Stephanie, Melissa and Anne Sophie @ d'management (Milan) Drum rolls and heartbeats... here are the latest models to sign with direct-booking boutique in Milan, d'management. And even the number of girls in the package seems just perfect. What do you think of four aces ? La creme de la creme of the current international newbies is right in front of your eyes. Sedene (featured here last November), for example, is already getting an amazing response in New York, gathering the highest hopes around her... [Lire la suite]

Just Post It

Amy Post @ SPS (The Netherlands) Talented cuties made our evening yesterday and did it again this morning. After Katya's first experience of London, Amy's latest editorial piece. Wait, Amy Post modeling bridal outfits ? No way, you might think (just as we did). But thuth is... yes, she can. Actually the mood of the story gets quite far from the usual imagery related to this theme and Amy looks like a teenager playing with dresses at her older sister's wedding. Interesting concept, both for the editorial itself and for the model's... [Lire la suite]
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Katya Kulyzhka @ Premier (London) We hate changing our plans for the wrong reason but just give us an excellent one and we undo/re-do the whole schedule, stop all we were doing and rush ahead to the next topic. This afternoon came Katya's freshly made polaroids after she arrived in London yesterday. Every agency she signed with sent us some of her materials so far (Major Paris, Women Milan, Women Direct NY) but Premier's super-styled are above any piece of her portfolio we've seen. Coolness from head to toe, leather outfit plus... [Lire la suite]
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Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes

          Mia Temirova @ Elite (NY) Mia is in town, you knew it. And Mia is working with our favorite photographers and that's a pretty good thing if you consider she's there for development. Introducing the NY chapter of her career last week (or the previous one, time goes superfast here), pushing it further today. Kristiina Wilson is peerless when it comes to put her models in weird situations in front of her camera, twisting classic beauties became her signature with that mix of quirky chic, odd sensuality... [Lire la suite]
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Show(case) Package

Inni @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) The fact that Supreme's show package is out might have inspired us. Using the concept of show package... for only one girl. And we thought the idea just perfectly fits for an agency like Image Discovery, a girl like Inni. Unique way of thinking, unique girl, unique results. If the concept works for a full team of models, why shouldn't it fit for one girl only ? After all, the point of such post of ours is to showcase the different sides of the same girl. Different ways to express her potential. Let's... [Lire la suite]
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And we went Bananas too (Meet Chloe)

    Chloe Watson @ Profile (London) The story started last week with a major O.M.G. in capital letters. After surviving the visual shock and recovering from our speechless moments, we started thinking of the right moment to talk about Chloe Watson, newbie at Profile Models in London. And there was no alternative than a Monday morning for an introduction, surfing on the good vibe and high energy brought by the beginning of the week. 17-years-old and 5'9"5 (177), with a natural talent to pull out poses and... [Lire la suite]
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Luana Teifke @ Way (Brazil), One (NY) Crossroads. Between fashion weeks, first of all. Between projects, on a more personal note. Rio, Sao Paulo, Berlin and Menswear collections were the highlights of these last weeks and you know what ? We skipped them all, on different levels. Had no time, weren't in the mood and this trend here isn't going to slow down. Not that we're not interested in watching and analysing shows and their castings but rather that we'd like to cover less and picture more. If this makes sense. So, no Couture... [Lire la suite]
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Dance and Dedication

  Natasha Belobrovik @ Elite (Paris), Ford (NY) and Alice Fadeeva @ Next (Paris) Two FDIB-favorites in one of our beloved french magazine ? This is what we got two days ago during our weekly bookshop-trip. Previous issue of Dedicate offered us an overview of some new faces in Paris (including our Polish lovelies Kinga Lukomska and Malgosia Baclawska) through the eye of photographer Alexandre Brunet. The new one keeps the same level of excitement with a very special combo: Natasha Belobrovik and Alice Fadeeva. Both girls... [Lire la suite]
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Tough Cookie

Julia Hafstrom @ IMG (NY) Saturday, editorial day. Back to redhead love. Julia Hafstrom, unusual beauty type with a slightly classic edge. Not the tallest girl around and not the endlessly leggy kind. As unconvetional as the description sounds, it has never prevent Julia from booking first-class jobs and building a highly remarkable portfolio. Her modeling story started with Prada and she kept the level at the same height with some Vogue Italia story by Steven Meisel. Easy beginnings, magical pictures. Latest piece to hit her... [Lire la suite]
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Papier Culte

Anna De Rijk @ Viva (Paris) 2010 finally gave us some (good) reasons to get excited again about magazines. Late 2009 didn't bring the contents we're usually looking for and we started visiting our favorite bookstores a bit less often, asking ourselves if it's due to the end of the year or the end of that precise year. Never took (had) time to think twice and never got our answer, good pages striked back before. Even in Vogue Paris. As much as we appreciate the overall mood of this magazine, castings over there aren't always our cup... [Lire la suite]
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