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Introducing Idalia

      Idalia @ AW Agence (Poland) Idalia is only fourteen (and her head full of dreams ?) but she already knows what taking a good pictures means. If there is always room for improvement at this age, we shouldn't be afraid to call it natural talent. And if you think it's easyto sit down next to the window and wait for the camera to do its work, we might have to answer the way she does it is nothing common. Yes, there is this raw, almost DIY-modelling vibe about it and that's just what makes her potential a tad... [Lire la suite]
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The Future of Editorial ?

Willemijn Koppelman @ SPS (The Netherlands) You may not know or not remember but Mozart wasn't poor, Beethoven was lovable and Chopin is playing tonight in West LA. Save the date, it's now or never. On a more serious not, Vogue Italia is out for the first time this year with its bunch of sceptical buyers and blind lovers. As always. Nothing bothering. Vogue Italia and its own Steven Meisel (Vogue US also got its own Steven Meisel but it's a different one, believe it). An extended crew of models, showcased as runway divas as much... [Lire la suite]
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Olga Savina @ Mandarina (Romania) Our first girl of the year is back on the... last (business) day of the week. Let's say she ruled the first seven days of January for us and counts among our main inspirations to take a good start in 2010. Jump and dive. And strike back. That's how it works with inspiration-based jobs and creative stuff, that might be a similar process that brought Robert Petreanu to the pictures above. No astonishing post-production, no larger-than-life effects, just Ms. Olga Savina, her potential and what one... [Lire la suite]
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Daphne's Day

Daphne Groeneveld  @ Union (London) It's Daphne's day even when the night has fallen. Anyway, we bet you'll love her days and nights, in light colors or black and white, innocent or impish. Daphne's the newest newbie (pretty way to say it!) at Union in London and comes straight from... the Netherlands. Another Dutchie with another look, still in the classic vibe but with a definite twist which is already catching some serious attention from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Massive interest is coming for her and her... [Lire la suite]
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True (Complementary) Colors

    Mihaela Mihnea @ Mandarina (Romania) We knew she looks so good in bright yellow but it seems she works out sapphire-blue with the same power. Fit in then stand out. Mihaela could be the kind of girls that handles the (complementary) extremes like yellow and dark purple, like mellow and hard. Or is she giving her own version of the famous night/day, shadows/lights combos ? All the answers are allowed as long as they agree with George Enache pictures which caught our attention for capturing another unseen side of... [Lire la suite]
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Soft Power

Maaike Klaasen @ SPS (The Netherlands) Peekaboo! And here comes mighty Maaike again, with fresh materials made in London (signed with Select). We were just talking about these little reasons and small details that capture our attention in a brand new face. Maaike is maybe not the newest kid in the business but still belongs to the fresh faces in the alpha-level of their career. So what's the secret(s) behind the smooth power of a girl like her ? Well, the picture above is already giving you a hint. Expressive gaze at the camera,... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Yuliya !

  Yuliya Chentsova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) We love the DIY atmosphere and the way you can feel the emergency. Winter snapshots from the heart of Ukraine, a precious princess in the middle of a random city. Image Discovery strikes again, with Yuliya, 15-years-old and already 5'9 (to be more precise she's 176 80-60-89... model-perfection anyone ?). Blue eyes in the streets to nowhere and potential that gives a few better guarantees for her future. Plus the good idea to be a the right place, at the right time. In front of the... [Lire la suite]
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Upside-Down (Balenciaga-Blogging)

  Mirte Maas, Patrica Van Der Vliet and Alla Kostromicheva @ Union (London) Union Models is blogging too and if you didn't know about it, take a look and the first of entries of years on their blog. First topics are indeed worth to remember as they are dedicated to the agency's brightest stars: Mirte Maas (also with Women), Alla Kostromicheva (also with Women Direct) and Patricia Van Der Vliet (also with New York Models and Nathalie). Such a gorgeous team... who achieved some big things on glossy paper these day,... [Lire la suite]

Savvy New Year!

Olga Savina @ Mandarina (Romania) Here we go again and there's a winner, baby. The winner today is clearly Olga Savina, one of the most intriguing new face we've seen in months. We had a phone call from Mandarina this morning and were talking about the girls who still have to improve their skills in front of the camera, especially their expressions. Were about to say Olga Savina but thank Lord, we know how to shut it up sometimes. We got our answer this afternoon when came Olga's new tests by George Enache and we just dare... [Lire la suite]
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The Last Days of the First Decade

We love rock and roll. Music is already loud in the gallery, firecrackers outside too. People can't wait for midnight, we can't wait for Monday. New year is coming fast, new vibe is welcome. Our gallerist in chief is cooking the meal for tonight and we're cooking some surprises. For you, next year. Hold on, it's sooner than ever now. While waiting, we thought we should do a little list of the striking facts of 2009. Our striking facts, what caught our eyes and attention, what made our days and night during one year. Call them... [Lire la suite]
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