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Where we go, where we don't, where we're lost and found

Anastasia Krivosheeva @ Women Direct (NY), Ksenia Kahnovich @ IMG (NY) Time goes by. Too fast and too slow at the same... time! Too sweet, too harsh. Always wrong as it seems but life is a neverending imperfection for whoever is striving for his own vision, lost somewhere then found exactly on the opposite path. Pictures can take us away from that quest (sometimes close to nonsense), pictures relax us and brought some new questions on the table. The same picture can be delightful and painful at the same time as we can't see them... [Lire la suite]
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Ungaro Girl

Jovana Culjkovic @ Just WM (Paris) She's seventeen and 5'11 (180), she's Jovana at WM and... she's the mysterious newbie who walked for Ungaro Spring Summer 2010 one month ago. Remember the elegant silhouette, the aura of mystery, the soft dark vibe of her look ? We can't imagine you forgot but, in case, you still can fall in love seeing her polas from Paris. Laid-back yet still dramatic - deep green eyes with a touch of sweet melancholy, Jovana got quite a coveted spot for a start but we believe she's already more than a... [Lire la suite]
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Just can't stop (all around the world)

Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) We already told you the story. The young and shy Valerie who, little by little yet faster than expected, turned into a true model using hundred percent of her potential. We already told you but, as in every beautiful story, a brand new and as much beautiful chapter is getting written again. After making her (strong) marks in towns like Paris and especially Milan, Valerie is rocking London (with Select) with the same might. Blond hair and thick brown eyebrows work everywhere, sweet and... [Lire la suite]
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Soon we’ll be home but we don’t know if you will too

Ginta Lapina @ Women (NY) Sweet music, early hours of the night. Bright colors and delicate shades. Ginta in Flair. We wish Ginta everywhere, everyday but just get delighted every single time she appears. Expected or unexpected, enough to keep our love alive, still rare and precious. Ginta by Beau Grealy who shot some of our most cherished editorials of the last two years, who catches his characters like only few can do and sets atmosphere with the same talent. It's quite simple, it's quite striking, it's quite stunning. Like... [Lire la suite]
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Don't Worry, Be Classy

Wanessa Milhomem @ IMG (NY, Paris), Select (London), Elite (Milan) A "relative newcomer to the European circuit" according to Vogue UK , a self-proclaimed "typical Brazilian girl" turned less Brazilian since she works abroad and a huge favorite of ours since her early debuts. Descriptions of Wanessa Milhomem can be as different as possible, the high potential and unique look remain the red thread of it regardless of the point of view. Her rather unusual kind of beauty mostly rely to her uncanny ability to look as sweet as dark, to... [Lire la suite]
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No time to lose, it's time to go, she's watching how the river flows

        Kathleen Burbridge @ Mode (Canada), Premier (London), One (NY) Monday monring... Monday afternoon and soon Monday evening if not already Monday night. Darkness is everywhere when November's here. Since yesterday, hadn't time to celebrate Halloween. Too tired, too much to do, to watch, to think about. Not the mood for celebrations, only projects growing, pampering every single good idea to let it grow into another project. And the clock is working its usual wrok. Round and round. Monday morning came... [Lire la suite]
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The Moon is not Enough

   Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), Ford (NY) Target high and see what you can get. First advice we could get to anyone. Anne Sophie and her agencies seemed to have high goals and expectations and seem on a good way to them right now. Anne Sophie's face, features and expressions are hard to forget after just one look, they'll be even much harder to ignore after seeing her latest editorial piece (Modelwerk warned us there is some good stuff on its way for her and truth is they were true...) just out in Numéro... [Lire la suite]
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Jasmine is Seventeen (but not working on a desk)

    Jasmine Yan @ Elite (NY) We've been waiting for her, it seems. Someone like her, at least. A cool girl in development in New York, with lovely polas and inspiring pictures by an inspired photographer. Talent all the way, something refreshing and able to move our own aesthetic lines a little ahead of where they are right now. Elite's Jasmine is just in time, like a quiet breeze who went through the window. By chance, passing by. Playing with the curtain and goodbye. That was for the poetry and the funny rhymes.... [Lire la suite]
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Quirine Van Laack @ SPS (The Netherlands) Little Quirine is still heatbreaking with her lovely expression and is growing as fast as her book it seems. Her height is now flirting with 5'9 (currently 175) and her book keeps its pace when it comes to adding new pictures. Last batch was shot by the one and only Gilbert François who effortlessly captured the essence of the playful teenager. Faces, expressions, gesture, motions and emotions. Quite the perfect moment to watch how her career is going, most interesting moment at least.... [Lire la suite]
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Milena - Making our Day

  Milena Hajzler @ Eastern (Poland) She just arrived at Eastern Models today and arrived by mail a few hours later (or not even). She made their day there and didn't take time to make ours as well. 16-years-old Milena has got this kind of face you can't forget after one second only - eye-catching then immediately haunting. Light speed appeal and limitless potential mixed to a perfect 5'10"5 (179) silhouette. Quite a raw and innocent look at first sight, with this unique bone structure we might have not seen for months and... [Lire la suite]
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