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  Sophia @ Profile (London) She came in the same package as Kacie last week and was the second one to caught our eyes, second mostly because she comes later in alphabetic order. So, here is Sophia, another gem of Profile Models in London who love her "off-beat british style" especially as a very subtle mix with her delicate freckles. With her natural talent for expressive poses (her book has a few test which are definitely worth a look), her naturally perfect silhouette and striking 5'11 (180) height, she's got the... [Lire la suite]
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Shelby was Shot by Billy Kidd

          Shelby Truax @ The Agency AZ (USA) A photographer's word will always have its own weight, no matter if he shot Vogue last week or did some tests for an mother agent's latest find. A photographer's vision will always find some echo here as we're always obsessed by capturing the essence of a new model's potential regardless if the girl will be CK's next exclusive campaign-girl or just the lensman's very own muse. We love when this subtle teamwork between the photographer and his model slightly shows... [Lire la suite]
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Claire's Definition of a Model

Claire Broeders @ SPS (The Netherlands) With her 5'11 (180) height, endless legs and perfect proportions, Claire already counts among the kind of girls you don't meet too often. Even in high fashion modeling, you will have to struggle some days to find young ladies who combine height and silhouette. And face. Claire's features are pretty classic and just pretty as well. But it wouldn't do her justice to stop the description here as she proved with her new test that her skills go far beyond numbers and a lovely look. As a... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Iris !

Iris @ 77 Models (The Netherlands) Delicate yet strong features often mean much intensity in poses and expressions. At least that well-known formula works perfectly for Iris, one of the newest girls to join 77 Models in the Netherlands. Her deep green eyes gave her this endless gaze that caught our eyes on her first tests, her dreamy look and subtle body language allow us to raise our hopes slightly higher again. With a height of 5'11 (180) and great proportions, Iris shouldn't take too long to make her first steps abroad, as soon as... [Lire la suite]
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Spread your little wings

    Inga Kondarionok @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Development is always worth to watch model by model and sometimes even agency by agency. Trying to find out why some agencies put more effort on one aspect, why they focus on a certain kind of photography and how they do their best to build books before sending their newest faces abroad. It's not the first time that Lithuanian model-factory Supermodels hire Natalie Berezina, who's seeing her popularity as a test photographer (literally a book-builder) growing at... [Lire la suite]
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Baby, Bewitch Me

Luisa Kamshilina @ Stardom (Russia), Supreme (NY) We hadn't much opportunities to see her during the season but we took the only one and enjoyed it as a delightful moment. The only place we could see Luisa in Paris was Alena Akhmadullina's show and she left us the same strong memory as last season at Miu Miu. Such a distant, almost cold but mesmerizing gaze. Such a mysterious expression you couldn't describe either as fierce, freaky or feminine. One thing might be sure or is sure for our eyes at least: Luisa isn't the kind of... [Lire la suite]
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      Oana Timerman @ Mandarina (Romania) Sometimes it takes one second only to get impressed, literally mesmerized by a new face. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to be aware of some endless potential. It takes the right situation, the right introduction, the right pictures as well. The shock might be more or less intense but the shockwave always finds its way, through evolution or revelation. First time we talked about Oana (5'9 - 176) was when she had her test done by Jordan Doner. Great job as a... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Betty !

Betty @ Nisch Management (Sweden) The unusual shape of her face strikes from every single angle and if some of you might not be so fond of her jawline, we just adore it. Raw even in refiniment, intense in the gaze she gave to the camera for her digital session at Nisch Management, her mother agency from Stockholm, and baring a totally unexplored and quite endless potential: Betty counts among these girls we don't see too often in months. Not to say years. Either fierce or dreamy, sensitive-looking whatever happens, she can also... [Lire la suite]
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The (New) Start

Anemone @ Joy (Milan) Waiting for the start... that's how we introduced or re-introduced her last time. We were waiting for Anemone's new steps in modeling after her break and comeback with AM Model Management in Germany. Signed with Joy in Milan and building a brand new book, it's with quite a huge pleasure that we discovered her latest piece of work. Which appears to be no other than our favorite magazine's cover. Amica by Nadir. Sounds like a perfect way to start a second life in the fashion world as Amica is well-known to push... [Lire la suite]
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Golden Girl

  Vibeke Hansen @ M Management (Paris) Rising stars from Team Models in Norway strike back this season. Again. With the same power it seems as Jenny Sinkaberg (with IMG) was among the cream of the crop in Paris while Vibeke Hansen is making her marks on the french editorial landscape since she arrived at M Management during Summer. Not as tall as Jenny but highly expressive, vivid in front of the camera wether you ask her to jump, blink or just stand up smiling, she'll deliver what you are in right to expect from her. We... [Lire la suite]
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