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The (New) Start

Anemone @ Joy (Milan) Waiting for the start... that's how we introduced or re-introduced her last time. We were waiting for Anemone's new steps in modeling after her break and comeback with AM Model Management in Germany. Signed with Joy in Milan and building a brand new book, it's with quite a huge pleasure that we discovered her latest piece of work. Which appears to be no other than our favorite magazine's cover. Amica by Nadir. Sounds like a perfect way to start a second life in the fashion world as Amica is well-known to push... [Lire la suite]
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Golden Girl

  Vibeke Hansen @ M Management (Paris) Rising stars from Team Models in Norway strike back this season. Again. With the same power it seems as Jenny Sinkaberg (with IMG) was among the cream of the crop in Paris while Vibeke Hansen is making her marks on the french editorial landscape since she arrived at M Management during Summer. Not as tall as Jenny but highly expressive, vivid in front of the camera wether you ask her to jump, blink or just stand up smiling, she'll deliver what you are in right to expect from her. We... [Lire la suite]
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Watching the Waves

      Merel @ SPS (The Netherlands) After fashion weeks ended, you might think we've got time now to watch the river flow. Not exactly as we're currently watching the little girls grow. After Olga's ravishing new pictures, comes Merel who's improved nonstop since the day we discovered her via her mother agency SPS in Amsterdam. 5'11 (180) with that ambitious blonde look, Merel is now bringing her unique vibe in Paris where she's currently working with Next. See the polas above to know what it's all about. Keep your... [Lire la suite]
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Work It Out

Olga Shimanskaya @ President (Russia) The impish young lady from President Models has got a ticket to be one of our perennial favorites. It started with her first polas and video and love keeps growing with each new piece. Recently sent to NY with New York Models to work on her book and improve her abilities to model, the exploration of unsee parts of her potential almost unveiled a brand new side of her talents. One of the most precious actually as it seems her quirky beauty can reach a certain aesthetic that plays with... [Lire la suite]
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Waking Up in a New Dimension

Alina Jukova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine) Remember Alina ? The girl scouted by Image Discovery in Ukraine with these beautiful and delicate features ? If yes, we've got some news for you. If no, it's never too late to meet her now. First is discovery then development and this is what it's all about for Alina now, currently under development at Women Direct in Milan, proving again she literally shines in front of the camera. And, as we're going further in the exploration of her potential, we're also aware now of how expressive... [Lire la suite]
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Handsome Young Lady

Nikole Ivanova @ 2B Models (Latvia), Ford (NY) Fashion weeks in Paris always mean French Revue de Modes, without any intention to drop an easy pun right from the start. Fashion week is when the magazine is released and when we are in town to catch our copy, it's just a part of the whole atmosphere. Finding the right shop selling the cover we want from the dozen they usually release and sometimes the decision is tough to make - we don't have an excessive love for collections and just want to make sure we have the one we'll... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 19: Anastasija

      Anastasija Kondratjeva @ Vacatio (Latvia), New York Models (NY), Elite (Paris), Elite (London), Why Not (Milan) We were talking about the girls that always do well in Paris in our previous TMSRRE dedicated to Egle Tvirbutaite and we might tell you a similar story again when it comes to Anastasija Kondratjeva. A girl who did well since her first walk in New York till the last days in Paris but who seems to get most of the attention in the latter and we wouldn't mind calling her another darling of the City of... [Lire la suite]
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Trust the Girl

Mihaela @ Major (Paris) Time is on her side. As many other girls from Mandarina Models, keep in mind Xenia's first steps and the echo on Alexandrina and Raisa is exceeding the great expectations, Mihaela is improving fast and she quickly reach a higher level. Paris gave her a good boost, since she signed with Major recently and strengthened her book there with a couple great tests to show how versatile and intense she can be. Endearing personality (cutest smile of the week and the way she talks about french bread is priceless),... [Lire la suite]
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Born to be Alive

          Emma Karlsson @ IMG (Paris) No, she's not working on Tim Burton's future movie and it hasn't been shot on a set. Was backstage at Lie Sang Bong as Emma Karlsson is a big favorite of Sascha Lilic and the designer himself, gracing his runway season after season with her unique impish and playful look (also marvelous closing Tao, gorgeous at Manish Arora and Tim Hamilton). Another kind of elegance you wouldn't expect at first look. If she's not working with Burton, she has already successfully worked... [Lire la suite]
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A Little Lady

Ona Marija @ Metropolitan (Lithuania) Always a pleasure to get news from these Lithuanians young sprouts we keep following since their early debuts. We watched Ona Marija's book grow day in, day out. Step by step, adding intensity to her expressions while she added pictures to her book. Latest stop for the lanky lady from Metropolitan Vilnius was Milan where she experience the well-known sleek style of photography they do there. Discover Ona Marija in a more classic way and keep exploring the multiple sides of her beauty.
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