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The Magical Makeover

      Nomi @ IMG (Paris) It was already hard to believe when we saw her first tests from IMG Paris a few weeks ago. What happened to the tiny, cute and shy-looking Nomi from her beginnings with 1st Option Models in Denmark ? From "just another lovely leggy kid" at her debuts to the grown-up young woman who walked for Issey Miyake, the makeover is impressive. New hairdo also helps to sharpen her features, new outfits helped her to find her own style and got her the model touch that lacked on day one. If we... [Lire la suite]
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Dutch Me

Rianne Ten Haken @ Women (NY) and Karlie Kloss @ (Next) Dutch girls were the talk of the town this season and it's not without reason. Though, when you try to look a little closer or to dig a little deeper into the topic, you'll probably get the impression the "trend machine" is on again smashing everything on its way promoting a certain idea of beauty only. Are all these dutch beauties the same blond healthy teenagers or is there a place for singular looks. We might focus on the latter now and tell you a totally different... [Lire la suite]
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High Speed Tamina

      Tamina @ Modelwerk (Germany) Some girls are more than a pretty face and a pair of long legs. Some girls are more than numbers and even more than pictures. It takes a fashion week sometimes, it takes a feeling only for the rare ones who've got that little extra called wow-factor. Something you couldn't decribe. Genius ? Midas touch ? Limitless talent ? Even with such precise wording it remains very difficult to stick to any of them or to say it's a bit of everything packed in one book. As we've got not much... [Lire la suite]
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Back and Forth

Tessa Westerhof @ SPS (The Netherlands) Headaches and heavy suitcases are always our last moments of a fashion week. What happened today. Glad to be back but our heart is still over there, two hours and a half away from us. No time to lay down and stop for a while, shows and everything besides left us with such a low amount of time to spend introducing new faces. Need to get back to the core of our work and keep you posted on the freshest again. Starting with Tessa from SPS today, almost 5'9 (175) and like a diamond in the rough on... [Lire la suite]
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Seven Reasons and Only One Elena

      Elena Ivanova @ Just WM (Paris) First: we weren't at Givenchy show. Second: we had amazing meetings and the loveliest dinner of the week instead. Third: the casting at Givenchy was so great it's a bit heartbreaking to think we've missed it but still love our meetings and dinner, no regrets. Fourth: Ranya Mordanova and Johanna Kneppers were both stunning there and that's good news. Fifth: Antonella Graef looked better than ever when she opened again. Sixth: we're inlove with Nastya Karzan's moody expression, so... [Lire la suite]
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Come as You are

    Kelly Moreira @ Elite (Paris) Backstage isn't really the loveliest place on earth. People are rushing and running, jumping around and bumping into each others. Some girls are already stressed out from the four weeks of castings-fittings-shows they had to do and there is nothing worse than a hairdresser in a bad mood. Though, for the sake of discovery, backstage can be an interesting experience every season and, once again, it was worth the violence. Chapurin Spring Summer 2010 on Saturday morning: huge place,... [Lire la suite]
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The Ones Who Stopped By Will Fly Higher

  Valerija Kelava @ Next (Paris) Gaspard Yurkievich didn't disappoint - as always. Seems that the famous casting director behind the faces of Spring Summer 2010 did her work with much love and managed once again to strengthen the aesthetic of the collection. Faces you have to remember, faces that need no efforts to remember. Good mix with a few surprising newcomers who were worth to meet this season. High level means also high level of surprise. If the whole week wasn't as thrilling as this so far, Gaspard Yurkievich... [Lire la suite]

TMSRRE part 18: Egle

  Egle Tvirbutaite @ Elite (NY), Next (Paris, Milan), Elite (London) Times are hard and we are running... feeling strange - overwhelmed by the schedule, underwhelmed by the castings so far. Most of them. There was enough room for surprises but clearly no surprises is high enough to give us goosebumps. Nothing shocking enough to bring back the thrill we felt during many other seasons. Transition ? Might be. Could be. Should be. And we want it to be a sort of transition. When forces are moving, you can feel the motions yet... [Lire la suite]
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Just WM's

  Dijana Radetic @ Just WM (Paris) Another fashion week is starting again right now and the international focus moved from Milan to Paris. Good girls too but the ones we're highly interested in today aren't the same who took the plane and arrived overnight. While everybody is waiting for his favorites, we're just glad to introduced the unexpected newbies. Just WM's formula proved it works last season when Johanna Kneppers caught eyes and attention at Balenciaga. The relentless hunt for fresh faces who will do more than impress... [Lire la suite]

A Face in Making, Making Faces

        Ann-Marie @ Brand (Finland) "A Face in Making". The title seems to be a little odd at first sight but we thought it was a good way to introduce our topic. Main character of this story is Ann-Marie who hasn't stopped improving over the last months/seasons and her mother agency is no other than Brand Models, well-known for being both aggressive and patient when it comes to new faces development. Aggressive: relentlessly finding new ways to increase the power and experience of their newbies.... [Lire la suite]
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