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Meet Magdalena !

      Magdalena Karpiel @ SPP (Poland) Labeled as a rather shy young lady, Magdelana might belong to that kind who suddenly transforms in front of the camera and turns shyness into grace. Delicate features, sophistication, sensitive expressions and the whole portrait starts to shine. Magdelana (another of SPP's discoveries) is no less than 5'10"5 (179) and with her modeling-friendly silhouette and face, she's already been able to capture some attention from abroad. Deep brown eyes and a true talent... [Lire la suite]
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This is how we keep our faith alive

Anastasia Kuznetsova @ Next (Paris, NY, Milan, London) End of July, talking about new faces. Preparing the season, making a quick virtual tour of all the newbies, worldwide. Seeing who bets on what kind of look, who promotes which kind of aesthetic and last but not least who we would like to see on the runways soon. When it came to Next, Anastasia Kuznestova was an easy choice for us as we fell in love with her look as soon as she signed and we were just waiting for the day she starts getting more attention. This... [Lire la suite]
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Romantic Warriors

Rachel Pouwer @ SPS (The Netherlands) Funny how this story from Grazia (Italian edition) talks about romanticism. We were thinking about the whole drama of who does Prada this evening and the whole shivering it brings to the fashion world. What if some of the usual Prada-girl doesn't show up, what if this coveted new girl get dropped at the very last minute, who opens, who closes, who will be there again next season. Questions of any kind, expectations of any level then explanations, fantasies, deceptions and tears of joy. ... [Lire la suite]
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Just Jaine

    Jaine Schuh @ Eskimo (Brazil), Elite (NY), Just WM (Paris) There is something about Jaine's look that is maybe not going to catch your eyes at first sight. You'll be fully aware of the limitless potential here only once you have the opportunity to take a deeper look at her book. See how she morphs into another character for almost every single picture. Almost classic, always classy. Chameleons have never been as charming as these days. Delicately suntanned and delightfully subtle in the way she pulls out emotion... [Lire la suite]
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There's no Legend without Controversy

    Myf Shepherd @ Next (Paris) and Katlin Aas @ Marilyn (Paris) Taken from Pop's latest issue, taken in the middle of nowhere it seems, like captured en catimini (by Mark Borthwick, fashionized by Vanessa Reid). Truth is known not to make too much noise but shocks rewrite the sense of truth everytime we need a new definition. Which is often salvatory for people who work around the notion of beauty. Myf Shepherd and Katlin Aas, together on a picture, in the red and yellow rays of light. Two worlds cross within the same... [Lire la suite]
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One of the Two, Two times Three letters

        Gabriela Zloteanu @ Yes (Romania) "Who are you talking about, Gabriela Dragomir or Gabriela Zloteanu ?" and that's the way we heard of the second Gabriela at Yes Models. Just yesterday. We had our eyes on the first for quite a while and recent materials (and good news) suddenly popped up but after a few lines of convo, and an unexpected discovery we picked Gabriela Zloteanu as our next Romanian girl to be featured. 5'9 (176 83-59-88) with sharp feature, a very delicate shape of eyes, this... [Lire la suite]
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Will You Remember when We Used to Sing ?

    Cosima @ Izaio (Berlin) Fresh faces of today are the potential classic of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow for those who need to evolve and revolve before finding their very own way. Classic as classic beauty, classy elegance and timeless vibe. Staying power and innovative mood strenghtening eachother. What sounds strange is often logical and true logics belongs to geniune oddities. Cosima was found by Izaio in Berlin but doesn't seems to come from the good-old mold of German beauties which doesn't mean she doesn't... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 14: Magdalena

      Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland), Storm (London), d'management (Milan), Ford (NY), Elite (Paris) After meeting her on a sunny day in Berlin last July and watching how things are going for her young career, we're glad to add her to our TMSRRE series this season. London was her highlight and she knew how to combine very different shows on the same booking-list. Take Veryta and Kinder Aggugini for example, difficult to find two shows that are as different as they are in their styling, clothing and overall mood.... [Lire la suite]

The Muse and The Musemaker

        Alena Smolyaruk @ Major (NY) A muse in making. How does this start, how often and so on. Questions left without answers, inspiration never tells where its roots are. Too far, too close. Whatever. Inspiration can come fast as a lightning or slowly, slowly, slowly (but taking you by storm when you clearly don't expect it at all). That's why working closely with photographers is always a plus for us, their vision of new girls in town will always be slightly different from ours and even from the agent's.... [Lire la suite]
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Sunbathing is Serious

Angelica Sulzbach @ Way (Brazil) We love the rays of light and the sudden shadows, the giant eyelashes and the way it all looks so Brazilian. Mixing a gorgeous warm shade of brown, blue eyes and delicate freckles, Angelica Sulzbach might have found the look that fits for her. The right combination of colors, able to enhance her expressions. A touch of melancholy and that overall easy-going, carefree mood. The black and white chequered swimsuit, the way she works this out. Brilliant job from her captivating gaze and flawless... [Lire la suite]
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